An Open Discussion And A Mock Draft

Let's Get This Right!!

We all want Trent Richardson as our next RB in Bengals Uniform, we all know.

Also we need a #2 WR who can come in and take the top off AJ Green.

Also our Current Guards are trash, or better yet unproven.

DB's are pretty bad looking if we are going to lose Reggie Nelson.

There's a lot of things WE can do, but im not sure about Mikey Brown

The front office tagged Mike Nugent instead of Reggie Nelson, I know we have 60 million in cap space, but i think we should somehow get Reggie Nelson to sign to a long term contract.

Also with Thomas DeCoud deal i think it will set the table for Reggie Nelson the most reasonable price for Nelson may be

  • 3 year 16million with 4-5million guarantee

On the other hand, Pat Sims will be huge addition back, but it doesnt seem like he coming back so if hes not going back, we must draft another DT

  • Brandon Thompson Clemson DT
  • Mike Martin Michigan DT
  • Marcus Forston Miami,FL DT
  • Alameda Ta'amu Washington DT
  • DaJohn Harris USC DT
  • Mike Daniels Iowa DT
  • Jaye Howard Florida DT

As for a #2 WR opposite of AJ Green, I think thats the big problem we have here.

Are we willing to spend some money on another top WR in Free Agency like Marques Colston, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne,and Robert Meachem??

Or do we simply draft a WR in the top 3 rounds? Do we want to invest that much in the WR department alone? I mean we just draft AJ Green last year?? Or are we going to draft a WR in the late rounds and expect them to produce at a mass production.

  • Marvin Jones Cal WR
  • Greg Childs Arkansas WR
  • Dwight Jones North Carolina WR
  • Jeff Fuller Texas A&M WR
  • Tommy Streeter Miami,FL WR

Guards is simply one thing we must improve on no matter what, our guards play last year was horrible across the boards. Bobbie Williams did above average, when he cam back but had some costly penalties, Livings, was trash, McGlynn was just like Livings, and Boling was forced to start in the 1st 3 games before getting bench in favor of McGlynn.

FA Guards

  • Carl Nicks OG
  • Ben Grubbs OG
  • Jared Gaither OT
  • Evan Mathis OG
  • Chilo Rachal OG

Draft Guards

  • David DeCastro OG Stanford
  • Peter Konz C/G Wisconsin
  • Cordy Glenn OG Geogria
  • Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
  • Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State
  • Brandon Washington OG Miami,FL
  • Brandon Brooks OG Miami,OH

RB is one of my favortie topic to talk about as well as DB

I want Richardson if hes at #17 and still want to get Pead as well.

As for DB's

i would want us to get a mid-level guy who we can also develop

  • Tracy Porter 4years-11million-2.75million per year sounds about right

-Porter can also be able to improve as well as get to know the system, just look at it he's still young and can become better in some areas and still have some potential.

Which leads to the draft, Who do we draft!!

Dre' Kickpatrick from Alabama?

Janrois Jenkins from North Alabama?

So Here's my mock draft

Round 1: Trent Richardson RB Alabama- Some may say there's no he fall out of top 10, look, how many teams need a RB,mostly everyone that is picking ahead of us is already set at the RB position so there's no big reason to trade up.

Round 1: Im not sold on either Dre'Kirkpatrick or Jenkins too much risk and baggage on each players which isnt good in the 1st round, so I would to make a deal with the Patriots

Patriots gets our 1st round #21+4th round+6th round+2013 2nd round+5th round

Bengals gets 2 2nd round+3rd round+ 2013 3rd round

Round 2: Trumaine Johnson DB Montana

Round 2 Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati

Round 2: Marvin Jones WR California

Round 3: Brandon Washington OG Miami,FL

Round 3: Brandon Brooks OG Miami,OH

Round 5:Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State

Round 5: Emmanuel Acho LB Texas

Round 7:DJ Holt LB California

I know im getting crazy since i barely have time to join you guys in a convo over on, im too busy but i think I can somehow start a convo through this Fanpost

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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