Scouting Report: Baylor Wide Receiver Kendall Wright

WACO, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Kendall Wright #1 of the Baylor Bears runs during a game against the Oklahoma Sooners at Floyd Casey Stadium on November 19, 2011 in Waco, Texas. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
Name: Kendall Wright 40-yard: 4.45
College: Baylor Bench Reps: N/A
Position: WR Vertical: 38.5"
Height: 5'10" Broad Jump: 10'1"
Weight: 196 lbs. Draft Projection: Top 20

Size - 3 - Kendall Wright is shorter than you'd like but he makes up for it with good bulk and a wide catch radius. His strong build and great speed gives Wright the ability to play any WR position. He does have a little bit of a gut and it makes me wonder if it's a conditioning issue.

Speed - 1 - Not only does Wright posses incredible deep speed, he has short area quickness and acceleration that are unmatched in this draft by non-slot WRs. His 4.45 pro day time was closer to his actual game-speed than his "official" combine time (4.61).

Athleticism - 1 - Wright has very good leaping ability, acceleration and agility. He can stop, cut, and start in a flash. Wright can take hand-offs and also throw the ball. He also has some kick return experience.

Route Running - 2 - Wright ran about every route at Baylor. He's played in the slot, TE, in the backfield and of course, on the outside. He needs to be located by the defense on every play. His natural skill-set allow Wright to easily gain separation on all routes. Because defenses are aware of his speed, Wright will routinely see off-man coverage. He quickly eats that up and gets onto the toes of CBs. Where he could be better is selling double moves. He has the ability to sell them and still make the CB pay, but currently he's going too fast.

Hands - 2 - Great hands and the only drops I saw were on heavily contested balls. Wright has a huge catch radius because he'll lay-out and dive for any ball that is close. Very natural hands and quickly tucks ball away when turning upfield to run.

Play-making Ability - 1 - Extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. Wright can take a screen pass to the house or fly past the secondary for a long score. It's very hard to overthrow Wright on a deep pass with his speed and catching radius. He knows how to keep his feet in bounds and can pull of spectacular catches regularly.

Run after the catch - 1 - Wright's agility, acceleration and vision are top-notch. He always gets yards after the catch with a quick move. Defenders look nervous about attacking him and missing. Instead, you'll see defenders try to corral Wright to keep him from gaining too many extra yards.

Toughness - 3 - Poor run blocker. Wright doesn't seem very interested. Catches over the middle are hit-and-miss. He isn't the best in traffic where he loses concentration or looks for the flag on contact. He can take a hit and hold onto the ball though.

Final Analysis: I believe Kendall Wright is a special player at the next level. He's not in the A.J. Green mold, but with Wright, you'll be getting one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL. He's very experienced and should be able to contribute early. I think at the very least, he can be a Mike Wallace type deep threat only. At best, Wright could possibly be a Steve Smith type of player. In the end, I think he'll fall in between those two in the Santonio Holmes mold.

Player Comparison: Santonio Holmes

Grade Scale:
1 - Elite Level
2 - Above Average/Good
3 - Average NFL skill
4 - Below average/Poor
5 - Badberry - Not fit for NFL

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