The Cincinnati Bengals Have Some Famous Faces Rooting For Them

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 11: Singer Nick Lachey looks on during the game between the Connecticut Huskies and the Syracuse Orange during the semifinals of the 2011 Big East Men's Basketball Tournament presented by American Eagle Outfitters at Madison Square Garden on March 11, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

In a break from all of the seriousness of analyzing possible Bengals draft scenarios and incoming prospects, I found an interesting article from Yahoo! Sports by Jeanne Rose, a native Cincinnatian herself. It shows a list of celebrities who tie their respective allegiances to our beloved boys in stripes and some are surprising. Let's start the list with someone relatively obvious:

Nick Lachey -- I must admit that I had a major crush on Jessica Simpson (when she first came on the music scene) in my late teens and hated the former/current Boy Band member for marrying my boyhood love. Then came the reality show on MTV, called "Newlyweds". We all quickly found out how obnoxious Simpson was, and actually came to find that Lachey was a likeable guy, not to mention incredibly patient with Simpson's shortcomings. We also found out that he was a native Cincinnatian and is a die-hard Bengals fan.

Former boy band member Nick Lachey is a huge fan of the Bengals, and is basically a fan of everything Cincinnati sports. When Nick was with Jessica Simpson, you would always see Nick yelling at the television set on their reality show, which gives some insight into his dedication to all things Cincinnati. Nick might have been the lead singer for 98 Degrees, but when it comes to sports, his temper can boil over way past that point.

Gary Owen -- Next on the list comes the famous comedian from the Cincinnati area in Gary Owen. He's best known for his involvement in a lot of Tyler Perry projects and is a frequenter of Paul Brown Stadium.

Gary Owen, a comedian and actor, is a huge fan of the Bengals, granted, he grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gary goes to Paul Brown Stadium whenever he is in Cincinnati and has long used his comedy to get into the good graces of the players. In the entertainment world, Gary is best known for his spot in "House of Payne," which is a Tyler Perry creation, and has been around the block on the comedy circuit for years.

George Clooney -- To those that have followed the team for a while, you would have probably heard about Clooney's affinity for Mike Brown's squad. He's from the area and made his fandom known when interviewed on one of the national celebrity gossip shows while promoting one of his newest movies. It's pretty neat to have arguably the biggest actor on the planet rooting for the Bengals.

One of the most sought after men in the world, George Clooney, considers himself to be a big time Bengals fan, since he is a Cincinnati, Ohio, native. George has spent a lot of time in Cincinnati and is always willing to come back home to see the Bengals play or watch them play on the road. George has been a big player in the entertainment industry, has developed an immense following of women, and has proven to stay true to his roots through the years.

Carmen Electra -- This one threw me for a loop. I had no idea that the model/actress had any interest in the Bengals before reading this article. It makes sense though, as she is from the area and is big advocate for fitness and sports. It's nice to have a female face associated with the Bengals, especially one that looks like Electra's. (Quiz time: Where did Electra get her start as a celebrity? I'll answer in the comments section--the answer might surprise you.)

Carmen Electra, one of the hottest women in Hollywood, is also a fan of the Bengals, which is a bit surprising. Carmen did grow up in prime Bengals territory, and also went to high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, so it is no surprise she glows with Bengals pride. Carmen might be known to be a sexy model, and former wife of a rock star, but it is cool to know she can talk sports with the guys, too.

Woody Harrelson -- One of the more underrated actors of this generation, Harrelson also is apparently a fan. One of the stars of the recently-released movie, The Hunger Games, is another Cincinnati-native and is a sports nut.

Actor Woody Harrelson is also a huge Bengals fan, since he went to high school in nearby Lebanon, Ohio. Woody has starred in sitcoms such as "Cheers," and has been in numerous movies throughout his acting career, but he is also an avid sports fan, and enjoys just hanging out with his friends. When you think about Woody, you would never imagine he could be a fan of the Bengals, but living in the area allows the team to grow on you.

Charlie Sheen -- Though he isn't on the Yahoo! list, he is an Ohio native and often talks about "Tiger Blood". He's been said to be a Cincinnati Reds fan, even though he played a Cleveland Indians pitcher in Major League. Given that allegiance, it wouldn't surprise us to find out that Sheen is a Bengals fan. Then again, nothing that this guy does would surprise anyone anymore.

So, when you're yelling at your TV or crying about a heart-wrenching loss, just bear in mind that some of Hollywood's most powerful people are likely reacting the same way that you are. That should bring some solace, no?

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