2012 NFL Mock Draft: Bengals Grab Guard, Cornerback In Latest SB Nation Mock

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 28: Defensive back Janoris Jenkins of North Alabama participates in a drill during the 2012 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 28, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

You're not going to like this one. Consider yourselves warned.

In SB Nation's latest mock draft, the Bengals go after a guard and a cornerback, as per usual, with their two first-round picks. However, these may not be the droids you're looking for the guard and cornerback you hope are wearing stripes in 2012.

First, with the No. 17 overall pick, the Bengals select...

... Georgia guard Cordy Glenn.

This pick is unchanged from the last mock. Glenn has the makings of an elite lineman. His best position may be guard, but he has the raw athleticism to play left tackle.

Glenn could be good, but he isn't David DeCastro, who could be great, and may not be worth the team's first pick in the draft. Some of you disagree, but at this point I would have rather selected Stephon Gilmore, Michael Floyd or Dre Kirkpatrick, who were all still on the board.

Next, with the No. 21 overall pick, the Bengals are predicted to select North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Mid-April is that time of year when media members turn into Carrie Nation. Jenkins has some marijuana arrests in his past, small time possession stuff that could net a high percentage of America's college kids. He has a few other off-field concerns highlighted by four kids with three ladies. It could push him out of the first round, but it won't. He's just too talented. Yes, the Bengals are the easy pick here given their tolerance for character concerns. Another team could just as easily take a chance.

You're not alone in not liking what happened here. By passing on Gilmore and Kirkpatrick at No. 17, the Bengals are forced to either take a big risk on Jenkins or not draft a cornerback in the first round. Jenkins may be one of the most gifted cornerbacks in this year's draft class, but his off-field troubles could be a big risk for any team that decides to draft him. Considering how valuable a first-round pick is, Jenkins probably isn't worth the risk.

At this point, Doug Martin and Kendall Wright are still on the board and they're both probably safer picks at No. 21 than Jenkins is.

What are your thoughts?

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