Game Predictions!!

Okay guys, doing a super early prediction on the outcome of each game. I'll try not to be completely ridiculous and make as good of an analysis as I can at this point in the offseason but really no one knows which teams will disappoint and which teams will be surprises (like us last year).

1: @ Baltimore MNF

Im very excited about this game. I think the outcome could realistically go either way unless the Ravens can't get Ray Rice signed for some reason. However I don't see that happening and realistically I would expect the Ravens who usually get a fast start to win this one. Loss

2: Cleveland

If they draft Trent Richardson I will be a little worried about this game but I think we win this one no matter their selection. Win

3: @Washington

Washington has a pretty solid defense and signed some good receivers this offseason. I think it will be close but the new skill players on offense probably won't be completely used to playing with each other yet. Win

4: @Jacksonville

I'm not worried about Blaine Gabbert at all and I don't think Jones-Drew will be able to win it for them. Their defense may keep it close if their secondary is having a good day, but I doubt it. Win

5: Miami

If Tannehill is starting for them I say we definitely win. If they go with Matt Moore I think it will be a toss up. I know they lost Marshall and Langford this offseason but I think they will have an okay season barring a horrible draft. Still Im going to say we win. Win

6: @Cleveland

Same comments as before. Don't see playing away as a factor that we can't overcome. Win

7: Pitt Sunday Night

Currently we are on a 5 game win streak. Unfortunately I think that will end here as much as I hate the Steelers. Home field advantage might help but realistically I don't see us pulling out a 6 game streak. Barring a key injury or the Steelers being a surprisingly bad team (lets hope) I think we lose. Loss

8: Bye 5-2, I'll take it. Also love the week 8 bye. Early enough to fix problems but late enough that we will not have to play too many games in a row.

9: Denver

Denver always finds some ridiculous way to beat us. I don't see that coming to an end. Loss

10: Giants

The defending super bowl champs will be coming off a pretty brutal schedule when they arrive in Cincy (Pitt wk 9 and @Dallas wk 8) so I think the Bengals will have an opportunity to beat them and capitalize on that. Win

11: @Kanas City

KC is my surprise playoff team next year. They get Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, and Tony Moeki back plus they have a fairly high draft pick. They play us the week after they play Pitt and two weeks after the play Denver but I still think we lose this one on the road, just a gut feeling. Loss

12: Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have had a terrible offseason and Palmer will be coming back to PBS. We better win. Win

13: @SD

We are currently 7-4 according to my picks so I think we will need to win 3 more games to get a wild card spot in the playoffs (10 should do it in a weak AFC this year). The Bengals seem to be getting lucky playing teams right after they end up playing tough teams because the Chargers will hopefully be beat up from playing Baltimore and Denver in the weeks before us and then Pitt right after us. Win

14: Cowboys

This is going to be one of the more even games we play all year. I think we will end up being disappointed in a close one. Losing against an NFC opponent probably won't hurt us in the long run. Loss

15: @ Philly Thursday Night

Coming off a tough home loss on a short week will be difficult. I also don't think our defense is particularly well equipped to handle Michael Vick, assuming he is not injured by this game (which I could easily see him being). I think Philly will pull their act together this year and probably do well. Loss

16: @Pitt

I think we have a better chance of beating Pitt here than we did earlier in the season. We tend to play them better away and I think if Pitt is truly getting old like everyone seems to think than they might be worn down by this point in the season. We will be needing a win to maintain our playoff hopes and I think we get it. Win

17: Baltimore

We finish the season the way we open it, against Baltimore. Hopefully this game does not end like the 2011 season finale against Baltimore which I had the great displeasure of seeing in person. Anyways, I think we will be able to win this game though it may be close. Really it will depend on Joe Flacco. If he has a good game, which seems to happen every now and then, I think the Ravens win but if our defense can get to him and disrupt him we win. Ill go optimistic and say Win. Win

Final record 10-6

This seems optimistic and in close calls I usually gave the Bengals the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully we go 16-0 but I know that won't happen. I think 9-7 or 10-6 would be a realistic expectation barring a sophomore slump by Dalton or Green or a key injury. Thanks for reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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