UPDATED...A little Bengals DRAFT TRIVIA. Questions #1 and #2...ANSWERS!

First off, i'll preface this by saying all #'s come from pro football reference.

They do not list colleges for 14 out of the 575 draft picks, so the #'s are not 100% exact., but within 97.6% accuracy. So for this forum...that's good enough.

Also, the trivia questions are supposed to be answered without looking up answers in any reference ! ! !

I can only do 1 poll per post, so question 1 is just a "write your answer in your comments" and question 2 is the poll.


Question #1...

Which university have the Bengals made the most draft picks from in the history of thier franchise?





+Miami, FL


+Notre Dame

+Ohio State

+Penn State



+Washington State


One of these schools leads the way with 15 selections in the history of the Bengals.

The second place school has 12, while both the 3rd and 4th place schools have 11 selections each from them.






Michigan is 2nd with 12 selections

Miami, FL and Georgia are tied for 3rd with 11 selections each

Georgia has had the most lately with 3 selections in the last 2 years (Green, Boling, Atkins) and 6 total in the last 8 years (Pollack, Thurman, Geathers) but the overall winner is Ohio State.



THE ANSWER WAS XAVIER UNIVERSITY AS THE LOCAL SCHOOL WHICH HAS NEVER HAD A PLAYER DRAFTED BY THE BENGALS...but thanks to a little crack reserach by oregonbengalsfan on wikipedia, one of the 2.4% of players that pro football reference lists w/o a school, actually was from Xavier. So the answer turns tou to be 'none of the above'.

Xavier University had DB Rudy McClinon drafted in 1974, although pro football reference lists him w/o a college

University of Dayton alum Mike Wilson was drafted in 1975 and played 26 games over a 4 year career

W Kentucky has had 2 selections, including Jeremi Johnson most recently

Louisvill has had 6 selections, although only 1 since 1979

UC has had 9 selections such as Greg Cook, Artrell Hawkins and Kevin Huber

Ohio Stata has had 15 selections, though none since Dan Wilkinson in 1994

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