My Overall View of This 2012 Bengals Draft

Hello Im Back, I took time to do this over my English writing so please feel free to give me some thoughts and feedbacks back it would help me a lot


Round 1: Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama
Round 1: Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
Round 2: Devon Still DT Penn State
Round 3: Mohamed Sanu WR Rugters
Round 3: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson
Round 4: Orson Charles TE Georgia
Round 5: Shaun Prater CB Iowa
Round 5: Marvin Jones WR California
Round 5: George Illoka S Boise State
Round 6: Dan "Boom" RB Herron Ohio State

Draft Analysis:

The 1st round for me was hard to watch after the Dre Kirkpatrick pick, and giving the #21 pick to the Patriots was pretty harsh to watch since we pass on DeCastro, but hey I somewhat convinced myself that Kevin Zeilter is as good as DeCastro, not through tapes, but through the changes that Marvin Lewis is doing in the F/O and how he and his coaching staff is running the show....

Kirkpatrick was a no brainer because Zimmer needs his guy, if not he might would have left town this coming year, but with the Bengals building the Defense, it looks like its gonna be Zimmer at the DC position for a awhile?? Dick LeBeau?? But i think Zimmer is still better.

Zeitler is a huge mauler, havent seen how he pull, but he is a great hat on hat blocker who can move defenders out of the way to open up a lane where his RB's can run through, hopefully he will outplay DeCastro, only thing that i might question is his pass protection one on one, I know people will say that he hasnt allow a sack in 2 or 3 years?? if im correct, but i'll learn to root for Zeitler since DeCastro is a Steeler(BOO!!)

Still is a huge guy, a Pat Sims kinda guy?? I think Still was a pretty decent pick-up in the 2nd, i think that we could have someone else, but I think it was good that we picked up Still in the 2nd he was projected to go middle 1st or late 1st but got him in the middle 2nd good BPA pick by the Bengals

Sanu what a funny story, Sanu got prank called about being a Bengal, then all of a sudden 2 rounds later Bengals came calling again, I think that person that prank call Sanu probably was a person who can tell the future?? lol jk but i think it was a great pick-up for someone who can get some pressure off AJ Green

Thompson was a BPA in honest opinion, because he fell down from the late 1st to the bottom 3rd i was shock, but i think the guy has a lot to prove, he was good at Clemson when he played there, he was also a run stopper, and has somewhat of a good motor to get to the QB, kinda of reminds me of Atkins, but hes more or a run stopper.

Charles was a superb pick-up, a TE to help stretch the field with Gresham and allow Gresham to go out for passes I think that it would be easier on Gresham about blocking and always having to stay in to block, Charles is pretty strong, he has shown it in the game and in his workout, but i think that he will have a big impact on Gresham and the rest of the WR&TE Gang

Prater good cover CB and understands the concepts of zones and man to man, i think that he will be a #5 CB due to the depth at CB, but there is a chance he can still be a #4CB as well too, I think that we did a great job at double dipping at CB because I hate getting another CB in next year's draft, because its pretty hard to pay them (JJoe&Hall) I think its a good thing

Jones was a stud, and i love the double dipping by the Bengals, get a great #2WR in Sanu and get another good WR in Jones, i think Jones will be a good back-up to Green, I mean WOW im ecstatic 2 WR who can come in and help out our WR corp.

Illoka pick was a pick i kinda question, but to me hes like another Robert Sands, giving depth to the Backend is pretty good, because we can use some youth injection, i know we are pretty stack at S, but overall i think it was a good move but kinda question

Herron is a good pick, it was pretty late for a RB, but i think we can do it, i mean he can compete for the job and split some time, but its gonna take some time

Overall grade A+

I dont see why some see this as a B, i see a lot of great players here, and steals if they all pan out correctly, hopefully the NFL can open the NFL Rosters up a bit, like up to 60 NFL players and have 48-50 players active i wouldnt mind, because some guys have talent but is stash on the PS and wont get a chance, but i dont mind opening the roster up a bit,


Ben Bojicic, OL, Bowling Green

Derrius Brooks, CB, Western Kentucky

Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State

Tony Dye S UCLA

Tyler Hanson QB Colorado

Justin Hilton, WR Indiana State

Brandon Joiner DE Arkansas State

Emmanuel Lamur DB Kansas State

Julian Miller DE West Virginia

Kashif Moore WR Connecticut

Taveon Rogers WR New Mexico State

Rodney Stewart RB Colorado

Landon Walker OL Clemson

UDFA are pretty good in my opinion a lot of people want to be a Bengals im guessin?? and yes Vontaze is gonna be a Bengal(do we make him an experiment into a great player and trade him?? lol jk) i think Zimmer and Lewis will put this guy on check, they will set him straight just like they did with Adam Jones, so i think its kinda good to do so.

Bengals Roster 2012-2013

QB: Dalton, Gradkowski

FB: Pressley

RB: BJGE, Scott, Leonard, Peerman, Herron

WR: Green,Binns, Sanu, Shipley, Hawkins, Whalen, Jones

TE: Gresham, Lee, Charles, Cochart

LT: Whitworth, Collins

LG: Wharton, Boling

C: Cook

RG: Zietler, Hudson,Bell

RT: Smith, Roland


LDE: Geathers, Dunlap

NT: Peko, Sims, Still

DT: Atkins, Thompson

RDE: Johnson, Harvey, Anderson

SLB: Lawson, Moch

MLB: Maualuga, Skuta, Muckelroy

WLB: Howard, Rey

CB: Hall, Clements, Kirkpatrick, Jones, Newman, Allen, Prater

FS: Nelson, Miles

SS: Mays, Sands, Illoka

LS: Harris

P: Huber

K: Nugent

Who should we cut, i want a new proposal for a newer roster number around 60??

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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