Buliding the Best/Perfect Mock Draft For the Bengals,Doug Martin Debate

Im on a Mission to build the Best/Perfect Mock Draft For the Bengals

1st Scenario:

Round 1.17-David DeCastro OG Stanford

  • There's a big chance of DeCastro falling to us at 17, I think so as well to, look what teams out there need a Pure OG, Chiefs??Cardinals??Cowboys?? They all have bigger needs than O-line, Look the Chiefs need a WR opposite of Bowe, and also they need some more help on defense with their front 7 I think they will go Kuechly. For the Cardinals, they have other needs, they need a LT and they need another OLB/DE rusher, they also need to get a lot younger on defense as well too. Cowboys, just need a lot of help, there's a chance they may get DeCastro, but when they overspent(aka to Cowboys fans, a great spending on Livings) they seem set, just need a OLB/DE opposite of DeMarcus Ware, also they want a CB as well, I hear they want Jenkins out.
  • Analysis: Bengals getting DeCastro will be a huge uplifting moment, DeCastro will improve the O-line Big time which will allow the RBBC and give Dalton more time, but to win you must protect your QB and control the line of Scrimmage.

Round 1.21-Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

  • I debated over and over again with myself to either go Gilmore or Kirkpatrick. After doing a lot of film study and looking at tapes over and over again, I think the way to go is Gilmore, but the real question for me every time i look at how Gilmore plays, he doesnt have the top end speed we need for a #1 CB, I know people want Leon Hall to be our #1 CB, but i dont want to rush the guy onto the field that quickly. For Kirkpatrick, he plays with a lot of speed, but his techniques is a work in progress at the moment, he plays aggressively and he is a huge hitter, sometimes forgetting to wrap the ball carrier. but I have chosen Gilmore over Kirkpatrick.
  • Analysis: The Bengals get a high rising prospect who is climbing on a lot of people's draft boards. Gilmore has the size and the body type to either play man or zone, which will help him in Zimmer's System. Hopefully he can stick 4.3 WR's like Wallace and Brown or maybe just tell Mays and Nelson to lay the lumber on them

Round 2.53- Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati

  • Say whatever you want about Pead, I think Pead is a special player, I wanted to go with James, but he has injury history and also the off-field issue and maybe is a bit too small in the AFC North, if he had more meat and a bigger build and keeping his speed at a 4.3 or 4.4 no doubt he will be taken here. But on Pead, I think he will be very effective in the WCO look at it, can catch, run and line-up as a WR to creat mis-matches across the boards.
  • Analysis: Pead is a game changer and can carry the load, but with Pead coming into our RBBC system he will get his touches and make opposing Defense worry all game long, because with is quick cuts and his style of play, he can change the game in an instant from breaking a long run and sealing the deal.

Round 3.83- Marvin Jones WR California

  • I was hoping for Sanu, but I dont think he will be here at #53, so i decided to go with Jones a WR who i watched a lot because Im on the west coast and i see a lot of Cal games, I think he was great this season when he was the #2 WR his teammate took all the highlights Keenan Allen, Remember that name he is going to be a beast. But on to my point, Jones is like a Chad Johnson, without all the talking. I think he will come-in and compete with Armon Binns from day one and whoever wins will get the #2WR spot.
  • Analysis: Jones is a great player, reminds me a lot of Chad Johnson, the Johnson who at one point and time tore up the NFL causing Teams to double and triple team him, but Jones is still a work in progress, I think the Bengals will be pleased with Jones and Green on the field, Jones may not have the speed to stretch the defense, but he will be effective YAC which is needed in the WCO, so teams better be ready for this Offense soon.

Round 4.116-Philip Blake C Baylor

  • Bengals never really address the issue of a true-backup Center, they been going with G's and trying them out at Center which often dont workout that way, I think Blake will help the O-line Bigtime he can probably sit a year and learn behind Kyle Cook as well as try out at OT, everyone knows he can play Guard already so its going to be great
  • Analysis: Blake will be a great pick here, the Bengals never have a True-back-up Center to Cook and Blake knows how to play Guard as well which makes it more better a true Center who can play G as well too which is a great benefit to the team in general.

Round 5.156- Janzen Jackson FS McNeese State

  • Jackson will be a beast, look at how Eric Berry plays, I think he will be as great a Eric Berry when given the chance, and I think he will be able to come in and fight for a roster spot at Safety or either CB
  • Analysis: was once a top recruit coming into college, and has all the tools and ability to play and be as great as Eric Berry, I think he will be somewhat similar to Berry with his play style and being all over the field, 1st start will be on ST and maybe in some package of CB/S Hybrid player

Round 5.166-Dale Moss WR North Dakota State

  • A two way athlete who can light it up, he's a great player and is tall and has the length to make an impact. Played Basketball as well as Football which makes him even more Scary, look at all those players who play basketball and played in the NFL, Gonzalez, Gates, Graham. Those guys are lighting it up, Moss may also do the same.
  • Analysis: At his pro day he ran a 4.3 40 and he had a 41 inch vertical if i can remember. But think guy will come in can make it more interesting at the WR position.

Doug Martin Debate

  1. First things first, Im not a huge fan of getting a RB in the 1st unless its Richardson. I dont think that Martin will be a great fit into our system. BJGE is doing the role of carry the load type back who can block and do mostly everything.
  2. Not hating on Martin or anyone out there, just pointing it out

I think that Martin wont be a huge star if he come here, the Bengals are running a RBBC which is just missing one piece to it, like a true speedster like James, Pead or Rainey. All those guys are what the Bengals need, some may say why settle for less when you can get another complete package RB, Look, I'll have to say if he get Martin where does that leave BJGE. So what we just abandon him and run him during crunch time when we need to run out the clock?? Or do we just simply bench him and have him limited in RBBC?? I think it wont be a great fit.

Look at the smaller RB's in the league

Both guys are the MAIN WEAPONS on their team, which makes them so effective and top players, if you but them with a top notch QB like Brady or Manning or Brees or Rodgers, Etc.. they wont have the same numbers because they arent going to be the 1st option on the team.

So the best thing is to bring in a RB with top end speed look for James, Pead or Rainey

Let me hear it Fellow Cincyjungle Fans

and Feedbacks on the draft as well

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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