Who Is RB/FB Jourdan Brooks?

I was curious with the lack of information I've been able to locate on Jourdan Brooks, what type of player he is. I was able to find one highlight video of his time at Rutgers, and another video of him and a couple other Rutgers players. He looks like a big, strong back who can run between the tackles and move the pile. Due to the lack of information, I queried Josh Buchanan, an analyst who concentrates on small schools, and here is what he said.

Brooks is 6'1, 245. He's a good blocker. Muscular build. Athletic. Strong. Balanced player who does well running + blocking

Only thing he really didn't do much in college was catch. Was a top 3 or 4 rusher on team the last two years.

I had asked how he looked with his limited receptions, but I didn't get an answer on that question. Not sure if he just wasn't asked to catch or if catching is not a part of his skill set.

UPDATE: Josh Buchanan's response about Brooks' receiving skills:

Great, thanks for the info! On the catching. Didn't do much, but how was he on the limited catches? Show the ability or not?

Yeah he could. Just little experience doing it.

He looked pretty good in the rookie minicamp and considering he got a signing out of it, he must have impressed the coaches. has him listed as a full back on their roster as opposed to a running back. Not exactly sure how they see him. Whether they see him just as a blocking full back or a back that will be part of the RBBC rotation.

The videos that I found don't showcase his blocking, but there are other videos, that appear to be high school highlights, that show him as a mauling blocker in the backfield. These videos do show his power and ability to move the pile. One play in particular I liked is at about the 6 minute mark in the first video. He rushed into the endzone and collided with 3 defenders, and still pushed forward.


Joe, Jack and Jourdan (via owntheowner)

Go ahead and discuss. Does Brooks make the team? Does he get a role in the RBBC rotation? Is he just a camp body that winds up cut after the preseason? Any Rutgers or Morgan State fans out there that have watched him and have a perspective?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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