Big fat elephant in the room

Ok, so we had a good draft, some say great. I'm in the "good" camp category. Don't get me wrong, we had a very solid draft and we're building a really good team. It's probably the most talented team we've had in over a decade. With that said...

There's an obvious big fat elephant in the room and you might even take that literally. It comes in the form of a very talented young man (or elephant), Brandon Thompson. Let me rephrase that: it comes in the form of our 93rd pick. What the frontdoor were we thinking?

Let me start by saying what everyone was thinking but are not anymore due to some serious self-brainwashing. We should've taken DeCastro. There is absolutely no argument in favor of not taking him. He was the best player on the board regardless of what position we were even targeting. In this case it happened to be a perfect pick since our biggest need met with the best player available at that point. Ok, so we took Zeitler. Good, solid pick. Moving on.

So now we gained a third round pick with what we did. Let's see what Lewis (or Brown) decide to do with it. But before that, we need to think about what they did with their 2nd round pick and their original 3rd round pick. With our 53rd pick we pick Devon Still. This was kind of a head scratcher. Didn't we re-sign Pat Sims. Were we not pleased with our three outstanding starting caliber DT's? Would we have been terribly positioned if we would've entered the season with those three DT's with whoever the 4th DT would've been? I think not so. We would've had a stellar DT rotation as is. But ok, nice depth meeting good value with that pick. MOving on.

We take Sanu with our 83rd. Great value meets great need. Check. Moving on.

So our 93rd pick comes. What is every Bengal thinking? We need a running back...or another corner back...or another receiver...or a get the point. Did a single Bengal fan out there think that we needed another DT? I think not so. We should've taken Lamar Miller, period. Was Thompson a great value pick? Yes it was. Was it total overkill? Yes it was.

Can somebody please tell me what the hell are we going to do with FIVE STARTING CALIBER DT'S? Who is going to get cut? Is any of them going to get cut or traded? I don't even think any of them can effectively play DE.

In conclusion, if we would've picked Lamar Miller or somebody not playing defensive tackle with our 93rd, we wouldn't have that terrible sour after taste that I know every one of us has by not taking DeCastro in the first.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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