Bengals Banter: Talking Fan Posts And Tuesday's Stories

May 22, 2012; Cincinnati, OH USA; Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber (10) kicks during organized team activities at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-US PRESSWIRE

We wanted to quickly clarify something today. This posting written by Anthony Cosenza that reflects Pat Kirwan's story listing the best tackle tandems in the NFL was already posted in the FanPosts. Why, oh why, would the writers and editors of Cincy Jungle write something up that was already written in the FanPosts, one may ask. In this case, and often is the case, we had written the posting long before it was actually published. This is an effort on our part to keep the information flow evenly distributed during the offseason, especially now with the Bengals going on a virtual hiatus in which overall information will be slow and often inconsequential.

For example most of the postings written through Wednesday afternoon were already written and prepared on Tuesday. In the grande scheme of things, they're analysis, rankings, lists, things that one wouldn't consider news -- which are never scheduled and subject for immediate publication.

So we apologize if we're appearing neglect with our FanPosts, especially when credit is due but it's often the result of a schedule we put forth to keep you informed as much as possible throughout the day, rather than all at once.

+ It was only a matter of time that the Cincinnati Bengals released former Colorado running back Rodney Stewart, who reportedly suffered an ACL injury during the first week of OTAs. Cincinnati waived Stewart on Tuesday with an injury settlement. Stewart was an undrafted free agent signing following the 2012 NFL Draft.

Using the roster chart (and excluding Stewart who is still listed as of this posting), the Bengals have 86 players on their roster, including unsigned third-round draft pick Brandon Thompson.

+ Defensive tackle Geno Atkins talks about his experiences playing with Sickle Cell Trait.

+ According to multiple reports, the Oakland Raiders are showing interest in former Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson.

+ Andy Dalton should be a leading candidate to become the next first-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. Just saying.

+ Former Bengals and University of Connecticut offensive lineman Mike Ryan suffered critical injuries during a head-on collision Saturday night. There is an investigation pending to see if charges will be issued.

+ John Clayton offers up a Theory of 150, combining the ages of all starting offensive linemen as a measure for a team's eventual transition.

+ Steve Wyche with reflects on the salary cap and how that translates into the future.

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