Bengals Banter: Kirkpatrick Injury Updates And Contract Extensions

CINCINNATI, OH - MAY 11: Dre Kirkpatrick #27 of the Cincinnati Bengals listens to defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer during a rookie minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium on May 11, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

[Editor's Note: Most of this is simply a recap of what happened on Wednesday. So if you were on the site all day, nothing new will be presented. But if you weren't, this is a good time to get caught up.]

Here's the thing about Dre Kirkpatrick's injury. The Bengals examined it weeks ago, waiting until late this week to announce it. Presumably Kirkpatrick was given an initial diagnosis of six weeks back then, and not from the moment the NFL Network announced it on Wednesday (confirmed by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, citing 2-4 weeks at this point). It was later tweeted by Local 12 Sports Director (and former voice of the Cincinnati Bengals) Brad Johansen that Kirkpatrick is dealing with Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome" in the knee. Our own Brennen Warner wrote:

The condition generally appears in male adolescents, when growth spurts combine with overworked legs. When overstressed, the patellar tendon, which stretches between the patella (kneecap) and the tibia (shinbone), actually begins to irritate and fragment the very top part of the tibia. As a result, the tip of the tibia is pulled away from the rest of the bone, and a painful bump forms just below the knee.

The treatment for this, is simply "stimulation & rest", as Johansen reports. With ice, rest, and careful stimulation, Kirkpatrick should be back on the field and 100% in about 4-6 weeks, as the reports had said. Maybe even less, because Kirkpatrick has an NFL training staff carefully watching over the rehab of a relatively common ailment for adolescent athletes.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis called it a minor injury, saying that the start of the season is not in jeopardy for Kirkpatrick. Whatever one's overreaction, this isn't a case that requires it. At least from the information we currently have. Rest and relaxation for Kirkpatrick should take care of the problem, which is perfect opportunity to watch film, learn the playbook and observe how veteran peers go about their business.

+ The Cincinnati Bengals confirmed that Mike Zimmer signed a contract extension through 2014. In the past six months the Bengals have signed both coordinators through 2014. Well done.

+ The Bengals also confirmed that defensive Brandon Thompson, the team's second third-round pick, signed a contract. He was the last unsigned drafted rookie.

+ Mostly prompted by we asked, did Bengals owner Mike Brown apply revisionist history? To be perfectly honest, we really don't care at this point. What's done is done. We're at where we're at and we're happy with the team heading into training camp. But at least some will get it out of their minds that we're a site that ignores bullshit when it happens.

+ Andy Dalton isn't worried about the young and unproven wide receivers on this team.

+ We continued our Top-20 Bengals players of 2012 with Carlos Dunlap at No. 7 and Reggie Nelson at No. 6.

+ NFL Network's Michael Lombardi's biggest question about the Bengals is the rushing offense.

+ Pat Kirwin with predicts that the Bengals will finish the season at 9-7.

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