Bengals Banter: Overreactions, Gas Bags And A.J. Green

Jul 28, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green (18) signs autographs for fans during training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

+ It's been well-documented already that Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been relatively inconsistent during training camp at this point. Aside from the fact that he's throwing to an entirely new core of wide receivers, along training camp typically being the first opportunity that offenses can finally catch their rhythm and regain the timing, Dalton isn't concerned at all.

"It hasn't been perfect but that's what camp is for, trying to find the mistakes and correct them," Dalton said.

Either way Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network is already pressing the panic button, saying that Andy Dalton has no one else except (presumably) A.J. Green (and perhaps) Jermaine Gresham. Actually we translated that from his actual quote of "Oh my god, they're not going to win for the next 50 bazillion-trillion-quadrillion years!" Oh well. Gas bags tend to inflate more during summer.

Speaking of which, Andy Dalton looked better on Tuesday. A.J. Green looked like a magician.

On the other hand, the far less reactionary comments of the day came from the visiting Jason La Canfora, who liked what he saw out of Vontaze Burfict, the offensive line and Marvin Lewis making sure that the players sign autographs for the fans.

+ With SiriusXM NFL Radio in Cincinnati on Monday, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton chatted with Keith Bulluck and Jim Miller for a bit.

+ The Cincinnati Bengals announced that head coach Marvin Lewis is now signed through 2014, after agreeing to terms on a two-year extension.

+ Speaking of which. A couple of hours after signing an extension to remain as the team's head coach, Marvin Lewis said of owner Mike Brown:

"There's nobody in Cincinnati that wants to win more than the man upstairs. And that's my job to get him there and that's what I'm committed to doing."

+ Roughly 800 people showed up for training camp on Tuesday, which has to be expected. Most of us have jobs during the day with so much vacation days remaining -- accounting for everyone taking off every Monday during the season (Tuesday following a Monday Night game).

+ The complete list of the Cincy Jungle Top-20 Bengals Players in 2012.

+ Anthony Cosenza chatted with The John Renshaw Show on 1450 The Sports Buzz on Tuesday.

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