BenJarvus Green-Ellis Ranked As 29th Best Running Back In Madden Rankings

May 22, 2012; Cincinnati, OH USA; Cincinnati Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis runs the ball during organized team activities at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-US PRESSWIRE

EA Sports' Madden NFL 13 is set to be released on August 28th, and EA Sports has been releasing their positional rankings to the world.

Yesterday, they released their entire list of running back rankings, and the Bengals' expected starter BenJarvus Green-Ellis was ranked as the 29th best all-around running back.

We've long held the position that BenJarvus Green-Ellis isn't a supremely talented running back, but rather a pro's pro (as Bengals' radio broadcaster Dave Lapham would say), and presents an upgrade from Cedric Benson in a slew of different categories, though it is very debatable.

Green-Ellis ranked as the 29th best running back in Madden NFL 13 only further supports that 'pro's pro' argument. He's a great locker room guy, a hard worker, and on the field, a grinder who won't fumble the football and has a nose for the endzone.

Green-Ellis is expected to be in part of a rotation with longtime backup Bernard Scott this year, though offensive coordinator Jay Gruden has hinted that he won't anchor to that rotation concept if one of the backs is shining. Brian Leonard is expected to retain the third down role, while Cedric Peerman, 2012 6th rounder Daniel Herron, and free agent signing Aaron Brown are fighting it out for that fourth spot.

Peerman has held that role for the past two seasons, and has shown value on special teams as a great tackler and blocker. Herron hasn't been able to show his stuff yet, thanks to a foot injury in the offseason, and a hamstring injury during camp. He is expected to return very soon. Aaron Brown has showed great outside speed during training camp has made more long runs than anyone.

With Scott out for the preseason, it will be a great opportunity for Peerman, Herron, Brown, and maybe even RB/FB Jourdan Brooks to shine.

In the meantime though, here are every Bengals' running back's Madden rankings, in two nice little charts. These numbers do a very good job of explaining what type of players and runners they are. However, the Madden folk are always off on a few things. They didn't even include Jourdan Brooks in their rankings.

They shorted Cedric Peerman in many categories, and were way too low on BenJarvus Green-Ellis as a receiver and blocker. They also oversell Aaron Brown's abilities and elusiveness. There's plenty of things to nitpick though, it's up for debate!

Name Position FB/HB Rank Overall Speed Acceleration Strength Agility Awareness Carrying Elusiveness
BenJarvus Green-Ellis HB 36 82 82 84 79 78 84 99 65
Bernard Scott HB 53 77 93 92 65 90 73 74 88
Chris Pressley FB 60 76 70 75 77 69 73 74 44
Brian Leonard HB 84 73 80 84 74 81 84 85 55
Daniel Herron HB 118 68 83 89 73 86 55 83 75
Aaron Brown HB 164 63 95 94 59 89 45 67 87
Cedric Peerman HB 176 62 91 84 75 88 55 62 79
James Develin FB 199 59 73 74 76 68 61 70 37
Name Catching Run Block Pass Block Injury Stiff Arm Spin Move Juke Move Trucking Ball Carrier Vision
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 41 24 35 98 94 82 78 94 90
Bernard Scott 65 33 35 88 54 86 84 68 81
Chris Pressley 64 76 62 87 69 45 60 77 55
Brian Leonard 80 54 62 92 80 75 65 83 77
Daniel Herron 63 45 55 81 70 74 72 75 73
Aaron Brown 77 40 42 78 46 87 89 49 62
Cedric Peerman 70 29 46 82 56 82 84 52 69
James Develin 59 63 49 92 66 46 55 77 49
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