Bengals Banter: How Bloggers Are Like Guitar Players (And More Stuff)

Aug 10, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) and wide receiver A.J. Green (18) walk off of the field at the end of the game against the New York Jets at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

As a practiced guitar player can spend hours playing delicious melodies, sometimes the player's fingers can get sore and during the more extreme sessions, it can bruise the skin. It takes time but eventually the fingers begin to callus, absorbing the endless rock and badass roll that's in store for another session. It was the same for us this weekend and it's somewhat funny.

I supplement this gig with an actual 40-hour/week day job as a systems analyst. Heading into the work-week on Monday, it feels like a Friday with a week's worth of accomplishments in my wake, feeling the desired weekend in my bones and un-sculpted brain that feels like mashed potatoes. It never ends. Yet our fingers of awesome slap away at the keys, fading the white lettering on the keyboard and re-snapping the keys that violently pop-out. So what kind of music did we play this weekend?

+ The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the New York Jets Friday night 17-6 at Paul Brown Stadium. We have more analysis coming on Monday, but some of the things we've already discussed includes the Vontaze Burfict interception (see the GIF here), players who solidified their spot on the roster, players who may have taken a hit, breaking down the competition between Brandon Tate and Armon Binns against the Jets, as well as the defenses' five quarterback sacks.

+ Speaking of GIF, here's the Taylor Mays injury and the Carlos Dunlap injury.

+ And speaking of injuries, it was a rough run. Here's a breakdown at this point:

Travelle Wharton: Out for the season with a major knee injury.
Carlos Dunlap: Suffered a knee sprain and will miss four weeks, risking the regular season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Even though it seemed like a freak injury, should Dunlap be categorized in the discussion of durability questions?
Rey Maualuga: Also suffered a knee sprain, but much less severe than Dunlap. He's not expected to play against the Atlanta Falcons this Thursday, taking a cautious approach with some rest.
Taylor Mays: Suffered what is believed to be a concussion. Has been cleared to practice and could return this week, though questionable to play on Thursday. Those not-really concussions keep people extremely cautious.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Has a "sore foot" and will miss practice this week, already listed as "out" against the Falcons. With Bernard Scott out for the preseason, it will highlight Cedric Peerman, Aaron Brown and Boom Herron a lot this week.

Cornerback Jason Allen returned on Sunday, after missing last week and the game against the Jets Friday. Pat Sims is expected back this week as well.

+ Vontaze Burfict replaced the injured Rey Maualuga at middle linebacker during practice on Sunday, suggesting that he may have jumped Roddrick Muckelroy as the backup linebacker.

+ Mojokong did a very mojo thing and wrote another mojo article, detailing his weekend experiences as only mojo can.

+ Offensive tackle Anthony Collins is also getting work in as a guard during Sunday's practice.

+ We're not buying that Marvin Lewis asked Rex Ryan not to run the Wildcat. Not because we don't think coaches ask each other to do a certain thing. Rather it doesn't make sense. Why prevent the continued development of his team by making absent possible formations and plays the team will see in the regular season?

We have another feature coming on Monday of a former Bengals player doing great things. In the meantime running back Cedric Benson signed with the Green Bay Packers and Chase Coffman joined Atlanta. The Bengals will see both teams in the next two weeks.

Then there's Chad Johnson, who was arrested Saturday night for misdemeanor domestic battery, released by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Though he'll keep his name inked in Cincinnati's record books, if these allegations and charges are true, he'll have completely annihilated whatever goodwill from Bengals fans for the years of great performances, both on and off the field. We've forgiven a lot of Bengals players that's crossed paths with the law, but, again if true, his actions are beyond reprehensible.

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