Bengals Banter: Training Camp Heads Inside To Paul Brown Stadium

$5 someone yells at us for putting a Carson Palmer picture. Another $5 that someone corrects that person that this isn't actually Carson Palmer. $10 says I don't actually pay anyone money.

Wednesday was someone of a slower day than what we're growing accustomed to, largely because the Cincinnati Bengals had the day off. We're sure that the same person tweeting that players are bigger wimps today than ever is having his validation party with Veronica the wench serving the cheapest beer on tap. But even professional athletes who have been doing this all of their adult lives need rest too.

Yet there's a prickly feeling that the training camp schedule is breezing through the thick humid Cincinnati air.

The schedule for the rest of the week looks like this: The team will practice at Paul Brown Stadium on Thursday, starting at 6:00 PM, returning to the practice field on Friday at 3:00 PM. Then they kickoff the annual intrasquad scrimmage and mock game on Saturday (3PM) and Sunday (6PM) respectively.

After that the Bengals only have seven practices remaining for training camp, along with two preseason games (Jets on August 10, Falcons on August 16), both away.

Relatively speaking nothing will actually change for the team. The Bengals will still practice for the rest of calendar year into February because even Super Bowl teams need to practice. However more restrictions are placed on the press (less attendance) and fans (no attendance) while the team begins to game-plan for Baltimore in the final weeks of the preseason.

We can't have Baltimore's version of Bill Belichick dropping by with his HD Camera, partially-shaven face, Bermuda shorts and half smoked cigarette filming practices, can we?

Weird Dude: "Hey yea, Jay. Can you angle the trap blocking a scosh more this way? Thanks, doll."
Gruden: "Who are you?"
Marvin Lewis: "F$#king twitter, that's who."

+ Speaking of Jay Gruden, he talks to Jason La Canfora with

+ Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has been largely impressed with running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

+ Mike Zimmer reflects on Carlos Dunlap's growth, saying that "I think he's finally turned the page."

+ Players are plenty happy with Lewis' contract extension, which the head coach signed earlier this week, keeping him in Cincinnati through 2014.

+ The very first version of the Associated Press release of their NFL power rankings places the Cincinnati Bengals are No. 14.

+ And everyone shout happy birthday to my little cousin, Jarrod.

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