For The Bengals, Scouting Never Stops

Jul 28, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis watches training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Since 2010, once could argue that the Bengals have struck gold in the draft. Heck, you could even point to 2009 as being another successful draft, depending on how you view Rey Maualuga, Andre Smith and Michael Johnson. Over the past few years, the team has taken a more focused approach to the draft process and it really came to a head this offseason when two new scouts were added in Robert Livingston and Steven Radicevic.

One could assume that since the draft was completed three short months ago and with Training Camp underway that the members of the Bengals' scouting department get a little break. You'd be assuming wrong. The truth is that the summer months that lead into fall are crucial to scouting, and as Geoff Hobson of notes, the crew with some new faces are gearing up for another round of travel.

With longtime Director of Scouting, Jim Lippincott (AKA Mr. Giant Heart), retiring after twenty years, the department is left with a mix of familiar faces as well as the two new ones. The responsibilities of each man is divvied up by regions of the United States and are as follows:

  • Robert Livingston, one of the new faces will work the Southeast region while still basing himself in the Cincinnati area. The man he's replacing in that region is longtime scout, Bill Tobin, and he is 45 years younger than Tobin.
  • Steve Radicevic, the other new face who was formerly the UCLA director of football operations, will remain on the West coast and base himself out there.
  • Bill Tobin, formerly scouting the Southeast region, will stay in the Midwest for his scouting duties.
  • Greg Seamon will remain the club's East coast scout.
  • Duke Tobin, son of Bill and Bengals Director of Player Personnel, will primarily focus on the hotbed of football talent that is the state of Texas. He'll also be jetting around various parts of the country where needed.

Confused yet? Here's Hobson's breakdown of the scouting duties:

It breaks down like this: Duke Tobin has Texas. Radicevic has west of Colorado. Livingston, a Hendersonville, N.C., native, goes as far north as Tennessee and Arkansas and as far south as South Carolina and Florida. Seamon goes from North Carolina to Maine, as well as working the local schools.

The Bengals feel Radicevic offers similar strengths out west, where he played the offensive line at California-Davis and defensive line at UCLA. For the past three seasons at UCLA he coordinated the visits by pro scouts.

There are still other moving parts, primarily with two members of the Brown family where Pete is the Senior Vice President of Player Personnel and Mike, who has hinds hands in all things, plays a role in the scouting process as well.

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