Review: Bengals Secondary Struggles During Green Bay's First Touchdown

By the 10 minutes mark in the first quarter, both teams exchanged punts with Green Bay setting up their second possession on their own 43-yard line. The Packers would eventually score the game's first touchdown, thanks to some issues in the secondary struggling against the fast attacking Green Bay offense.

It started well enough on first down, thanks to the replacement referees applying stereotypes. Rodgers launched a rocket down the middle of the field, targeting Jordy Nelson with Nate Clements badly trailing. Leon Hall sprinted over to help his cornerback/safety in distress, running through Nelson. Greg Hoard instinctually said there was a pass interference on the radio while Brad Johansen, completely flabbergasted said, "I can't believe there's no laundry on the field" during the television broadcast. It should have been interference, if for anything because Hall didn't turn around at the football's arrival.

Then Green Bay moved downfield.

On the following play Rodgers faked to Cedric Benson and rolled out left. Wide receiver Greg Jennings ran upfield before breaking on a hitch near the left sidelines for a 19-yard gain, with Leon Hall covering. First down from Cincinnati's 38-yard line with 8:14 remaining in the first. Rodgers fakes to Benson and quickly releases to Jennings near the left sidelines. Leon Hall, initially eight yards off Jennings, bit on the fake.

Jennings hauls in the pass and runs upfield with Hall recovering on an angle towards the sidelines. As the team's best cornerback approached, Jennings stopped, watched Hall's momentum carry past him, and continued.

Mays eventually pushed Jennings out of bounds after the 18-yard reception.

Two plays, 37 yards and a missed pass interference that could have setup Green Bay on Cincinnati's five-yard line. Not a very good start for Cincinnati's defense on this possession.

Green Bay is on Cincinnati's 20-yard line with 8:47 remaining in the first quarter. Rodgers takes the shotgun snap, quickly snaps the football to tight end Tom Crawford on a hook over the middle for an eight-yard gain. It appeared that Cincinnati played zone-coverage, with middle linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy responsible for Crawford underneath.

Crawford ran five yards and turned with Muckelroy five yards out of position.

The eight-yard pass setup a second and two from Cincinnati's 12-yard line.

It was too easy. After feeling pressure from the right, quarterback Aaron Rodgers scrambled left. Cincinnati's defense, especially Nate Clements who couldn't track Rodgers down with a bad angle, didn't have a chance.

Green Bay takes a 7-0 lead midway in the first quarter.

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