Bengals Roster: Final Showdown For No. 2 Receiver Is A Farce

Aug 23, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Armon Binns (85) makes a diving catch inside the five yard line in front of Green Bay Packers defensive back Anthony Levine (34) during the pre-season game at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Leifheit-US PRESSWIRE

Here it is.

The final exam that will apply in Cincinnati's long-awaited selection of a No. 2 wide receiver. We're excited that some consistency will be applied, giving our lives a preview to regular season routine.

It's all crap. All of it.

Let's face facts. Not only do we know what the Bengals are planning at this point, neither Binns nor Tate have really provided a convincing argument as the No. 2 wide receiver, and the "dress rehearsal" was equally uninspired. It would be great to promote the preseason finale as the showdown of the ages, with Michael Buffer announcing both players on the field. But we doubt either play much against the Colts and quarterback Andy Dalton definitely won't play much. So what's the point?

Moving on.

Brandon Tate has been the more athletic and dynamic receiver. You can't question his effort on acrobatic receptions, even when he's falling out of bounds. Equally impressed against Green Bay during a second quarter down in which the Bengals went five-wide with Tate in the slot, sitting down in a gap in the coverage and hauled in Andy Dalton's pass for a first down.

On the hand Armon Binns isn't the athletic type, but has a more possession receiver persona to him. Has overall fearlessness, diving between three players in the red zone to haul in a reception at the one-yard line. Think if the team puts their best roster on the field for a final play to win the game, Binns isn't one of those players. Just yet.

Brandon Tate 9 5 49 9.8 14 0
Armon Binns 7 3 35 11.7 16 0

Should Cincinnati resolve themselves into a more committee style? At first it sounded cute, even giving the coaching staff some peace of mind. Will it last? I'm starting to doubt it and I'm not entirely convinced that those two receivers are the solution at No. 2 at the conclusion of the season. It wouldn't be a surprise if the rookies Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones start pressing Tate and Binns out of the way as the regular season progresses.

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