Around The AFC North: Injuries, Sales and Questions Abound

PITTSBURGH - APRIL 19: Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers practices on April 19, 2010 at the Pittsburgh Steelers South Side training facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Every once in a while, we like to update you all on the happenings with the other teams in the AFC North. After all one-third of the Bengals' total games every year are against these teams. Though the Bengals are dealing with their own injury to their 2012 first round pick, Dre Kirkpatrick, there are some other notable injuries going on in the division.

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Pittsburgh Steelers: In case you haven't heard, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has a partially torn rotator cuff in his throwing arm. It's another alarming injury in a series of a bunch of others that makes one wonder how the man even stands anymore. This one is particularly scary for the Steelers as this will clearly affect his throwing ability, though Roethlisberger himself claims it won't affect his 2012 season.

Big Ben has two reputations around the league: one as being a tough SOB who plays through injuries that would keep most anyone out of a football game, and the other as a player who likes to milk the severity of those injuries to make it seem that he may be playing through a bit more pain that what actually may be there. Regardless, we don't expect him to miss any time unless this injury degenerates quickly.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are dealing with an injury to their tight end, Dennis Pitta. He broke his hand in practice and has had a procedure done to repair it. The timetable for Pitta's return seems to resemble Kirkpatrick's, in that he will miss the preseason but could be available at the beginning of the year. Still, the effect of Pitta's injury will be felt on the Ravens team.

Said wide receiver Anquan Boldin:

"He’s definitely an important part of our offense," veteran receiver Anquan Boldin said. "I think you saw last year him play a big role, especially when it came down the stretch. Dennis is a guy that can play inside, a guy that we can line up outside, get different mismatches. He’s a nightmare for defenses."

Ed Dickson will remain the starter, but the Ravens will use Davon Drew in Pitta's absence.

Cleveland Browns: Earlier on Thursday, we relayed word that Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner sold the team for $1 billion (cue the Dr. Evil voice) to Jimmy Haslam, who apparently made his fortune through building truck stops. It's unclear exactly what this means for the direction of the franchise, but many are thinking that it means the end of Mike Holmgren's short tenure as the club's General Manager. Lerner hand-picked Holmgren to resurrect the franchise and Haslam's takeover could mean the end of yet another era in Browns football.

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