Dear Marvin Lewis

Dear Marvin Lewis,

I f*cking hate you.

Seriously, I know I say this every single week, but G*D D*MN I F*CKING HATE YOU!!! To quote John Malkovich "For me, you're somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you're really thirsty."

Since everyone seems to so be concerned with #2 receiver posts and Taylor Mays evaluation, I just wanted needed to communicate what I just saw before we get our sh*t kicked in by the blackbirds on national tv. I just saw our franchise quarterback get the living sh*t knocked out of him....dropping back, while playing game 4 of the preseason. The reason he's playing you ask? Our head coach is a worthless f*ck who didn't allow us to play balls out game 3 vs the packers so we carried his emotional baggage into a game that truly doesn't matter against the last place team in the entire league.

Good Talk.

After ZERO tempo, pulse, energy, motivation to play preseason game 3, I felt like I was watching last years playoff game vs the Texans. I got tired of the entire game being attributed to "vanilla offense" "vanilla defense" or "preseason this/that" so when we walked away from our "dress rehearsal" looking like absolute sh*t, I really wanted to write this.

Instead, I walked around all week, knowing what lovable and non-judgmental bunch everyone here is...I watched people make excuses, divert attention, then I knew the end of the world was coming when I actually read/saw someone suck mike brown's d*ck.....somehow forgetting that we made ZERO real offensive line, safety, or corner upgrades outside of the draft this year, nor did we get a practice facility which was supposedly part of mARVIN's restructure deal. (and please don't try to count Jason Allen or Terence Newman...Allen is the equivalent to Nate Clements and hasn't played a down, while my screen saver currently rotates through Newman's continuance of last years old-as-f*ck-ness...minus his lucky *ss interception that will undoubtedly force us to deal with him all year long)

So the indy game starts...

Good Talk Russ.

Self-admittedly, I can't wait until the day mARVIN's body is cremated and his ashes are placed gently in the sewers of baltimore (not cincy)...but what's killing me is this continued support of his decisions presence in the belief that he'll be a good a GM someday.

Well guess what kids, HE'S OUR COACH, he's our HEAD COACH and he's F*CKING WORTHLESS!!!

He's the guy who calls timeouts that do absolutely ZERO to support/help/motivate/question (more importantly) LEAD this team. He's the defensive coach who Mike Zimmer doesn't talk to...who's team hired Hue Jackson (also to supor the defense). He's the guy who's perfectly happy settling for field goals every single lame *ss possession. He's the person who still lets Brandon Tate return kicks for a -4 yard average. He's the reason for the complete mind f*ck that was the greenbay game, so instead of trotting into game 4 with resting starters, we're trying to prove something unlike EVERY DECENT TEAM in the LEAGUE. He's the reason Andy Dalton got his THROWING elbow banged up....not cause our O-Line is complete SH*T (thanks mIKE bROWN for spending cash on a 13 year vet that's never been to the probowl), not cause Andrew Whitworth is a better player rep than a PLAYER, not cause Clint Boling and Trevor Robinson are friggin terrible, but because of mARVIN's inability to manage a game - much less a team.

This is where I'm really struggling people, and I can't just write it off as "well he's the best we've had...." or "he's a good personality manager" or "he'll be a good GM cause mIKE bROWN trusts him"... SORRY PEOPLE, I'M LOOKING FOR A WINNER!! Not a below .500 winning percentage.

As I get notices on the left of my screen saying "warning, others are editing this post" I laugh to myself that sometimes it's nice to be V, you get to watch old game film and wait for the concerto to cue the Old Bailey.

To quote the greatest bengals coach ever: "I've been blessed with the ability to notice mistakes."

-Mike Zimmer

Lets win a championship and stop settling for mediocrity!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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