Im still split between on if i should be happy about the W or more concern about our Team in general

34-27 Win, Look at it as a stepping stone and somewhere we can build off from..

I know that getting the W was great, I mean tie atop of the brutal AFC North Division..but i look on the other side as well, the side where we believe that our Defense is a Top 5-10 Caliber Defense and that it would be the strength of the Cincinnati Bengals, but i may fear that this team is in need of at least one Superstar defensive player who can actually change the game and make a difference.. I know we all be hoping Marvin Lewis and this Franchise has been looking for one on the Defensive side for a long time, and we had one in Odell Thurman in 2005 until he took himself out with the off-field issues and then our Defense honestly went downhill from there, look the Bengals ended up taking Rivers after a few gap stop LB, I mean i think we need to look at the LB's and see what we need, look at the 49ers, Patrick Willis puts fears in opposing team's eye, because he can change the game with his play, and he does his talking with his play..Maualuga over-runs too many plays and takes himself out of the play and looks somewhat scared to make an impact, I mean i looked at some games where he'll totally dominate, like the Bills game in 2011, now he stepped up to the plate and delivery big time..Im not hating against Maualuga, but if he needs to stay even after meetings and practice to do more film study it'll be great

Also the DB's are a problem as well too, but I think the problem has been communication problem and not trusting each other, I know we overhaul our DB's this year, and everyone is trying to get use to each other's play, look Nelson and Clements might have some chemistry with Hall, but Hall is coming back off an injury which will take some time for everyone to adjust too, but the main chemistry problem we have is at SS i know it's a committee at the moment, but I think that it may hurt our Defense, one play Mays, one play Miles, blown coverage, miss assignments, and a lot of problems.. it may cause for the Vet's and the Starters to do a little too much because they dont trust the guy next to them, I think Zimmer needs to get all of them together, and not play self-fish football on Defense, on Defense all 11 guys have to be on the right page, if one isnt on the right page as everyone, it wont work..

Yesterday's game i saw a lot of bright spots on Offense in terms of coming up big when we need it, but the problem was that Dalton was running for his life yesterday, i dont know what happen, but the Browns are without Taylor and Haden and they still manage to get pressure on Dalton and force him to move out of the pocket, it was a somewhat hard to watch Dalton running for his life, but honestly i think if we want to win, we have to air it out and stretch the field and be able to score at least 28+points, we cant win when we are allowing the opposing team to score as much as we are, and I always have a bad feeling when we play a Rookie QB, for some odd reason, we seem to struggle vs Rookie QB, i dont know of that is the lack of prep or it is that our guys just overthink and not play to the level they are excepted.

Worst of all is that we looked horrible vs a Rookie QB and a Rookie RB, nothing taken from TRich, but the guy can be contain, look if the Eagles can contain the guy we can too, look at it, if our guys were just in the right spot and was Willing to pay the price for tackling TRich the guy wouldnt have over 100 yards and if we ACTUALLY TACKLE yesterday!! I mean 4-5 arm tackles and tripping our own guys isnt going to bring down TRich, get the guy and bring him down gang tackle him or stand him up and rip the football out, just do something productive please!!

Offensively, I think we did a lot of thing right, but i think we should just Hawkins more and use more screen plays, i mean if teams are going to double/triple team AJ Green and have safety over the top on the other WR mostly likely TE and RB will be able to get 1v1 matchup.. I mean use some special packages where we can fool the defense, maybe split Green and Jones on the right side with Jones at LOS and Green off have Gresham split out left with Hawkins in the back field flanking Dalton's right side and have Binns in the slot on the left side and have Binns run a out route, Jones on the fly and Gresham on a fade, and motion Green into the slot and have him run a post route, and have use Hawkins on a screen/swing pass and have him do damage with his feet and speed in the open field..

but after week 2 heres my mock draft

I have seriously thought about getting Eric Berry maybe give up a 1st and 2nd for Berry and a 3rd round pick, i dont mind considering that at all, but a lot would disagree

Round 1: Alex Okafor DE Texas

Round 2: Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State

Round 2: Dallas Thomas OT/OG Tennessee

Round 3: Larry Warford OG Kentucky

Round 4: Cornellius Carradine DE Florida State

Round 5: Walter Stewart DE/LB Cincinnati

Round 6: Robbie Rouse RB Fresno State

Round 6: Prentiss Waggner SS Tennessee

I know i didnt take any LB, because there's no good LB that is sticking out to me at the moment, but if you see anyone who does in your eyes, let me know..

Also tell me what you think

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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