Kenjon Barner a future Bengal Hall of Famer?

I can't believe this kid is not brought up around Cincy Jungle at all.

This kid might be the exact type of running back the Bengals need. He is hands down the fastest RB in the draft. He can out run anyone, he can catch like a beast, and on top of his speed he has AMAZING vision and AWARENESS. Also his strength is very underrated, he breaks a lot of tackles for being a 'speed' back.

Some people think he is small which puzzles me, hes 5'11, which is taller than most RB's in the draft. Also hes about 200lbs, which is not small at all. Hes a good build kid for being a scat back.

Long run = longest run he broke.

2009 stats (freshman year) - 61 attempts 366 yards 6.0 average 48 long run 3 TDs / 4 receptions 30 yards 0 TDs

2010 stats (sophomore year) - 91 attempts 551 yards 6.1 average 41 long run 6 TDs / 13 receptions 121 yards 2 TDs

2011 stats (junior year) - 152 attempts 939 yards 6.2 average 84 long run 11 TDs / 17 receptions 184 yards 3 TDs

2012 stats (senior year) - 278 attempts 1,767 yards 6.4 average 80 long run 21 TDs / 20 receptions 256 yards 2 TDs

What I noticed is he improved in each aspect of his game each year. His yards increased, his average increased, his touch downs increased, and his receptions and reception yards increased. He kept learning and getting better through experience. He showed he could carry a heavy load his senior year, and played basically injury free.

This guy can do everything, and has played against good defenses. I don't see how someone could say something negative about this guy. I think after the combine he might raise some eyebrows and get drafted higher then he is projected.

According to CBS sports big board, he is the 13th ranked running back. 150th ranked player.

He runs a 4.39 40 yard dash!!!!!! He can out run basically anyone on the defense, and he would be top 5 fastest running back in the league.

Andre Ellington is a running back that is brought up a lot around here, and considered a homerun threat running back. Andre runs a 4.44 40 yard dash. Kenjon will smoke Andre any day, anywhere.

The next relevant back that is even close to Kenjon's 40 yard dash is Joseph Randle, who runs a 4.50....

So Kenjon by far is the fastest back that we could pick up.

Here is a highlight video on him, watch his incredible vision, speed, catches, and smarts on all his plays. Imagine this kid in all know you would love it. That feeling that once he touches the ball we could have a touch down any given second...that feeling is what we all want and will get it IF we draft Kenjon.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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