I'm officially disgusted with football at this point in time. Thanks a lot Cincinnati Bengals.

Mediocrity. This team reeks of mediocrity throughout. If we could draw a chart it would look something like this.










By now, 100% of the fans should realize that Marvin Lewis is not the answer. Some wise fans had already realized that a few years ago, but many others continued to have faith in this guy. By now it should be perfectly clear that he will never lead us to a playoff win, let alone a Super Bowl.

Second problem is our quarterback. This year was terrible for him and aside from all those passes that Green plucked out of the air last season, he would've statistically sucked last year too. I am starting to realize that as Marvin Lewis' mediocrity, Andy Dalton has no star potential. He seems more and more like a mediocre quarterback who might never lead us to a playoff win. This leads me to Jay Gruden. I hope this guy signs with Philly or somewhere else because he proved nothing this year. I saw pure mediocrity with him too.

Our O-line coach and our O-line in general...pure mediocrity. Paul Alexander reeks of mediocrity. I don't know if we were the most sacked team but we might be up there with the worst. Year in and year out this guy has given us problems. It's time he gets the axe. Our O-line is mediocre too. Whitworth has never been to a pro bowl because he is not elite. It's not a mistake. He's just adequate. Same goes for Andre Smith. The guy is constantly beat by elite pass rushers and he's not the run blocking monster we thought he'd be coming out of college. Our center. Wow. This guy isn't mediocre, he's just plain bad. Kyle Cook should've never started for us. We need to address this with a top notch veteran Center. Clint Boling is mediocre. Zeitler is the only passable guy in our o-line.

Rey Maulauga. Poor guy. Its not personal but you plain suck. You are slow and your instincts are terrible. The problem here is Marvin Lewis vouches for this guy like he was Rey fucking Lewis. "You guys don't know linebackers like I do" or some shit like that he said to the press. Well that's why you suck Marvin Lewis, because your evaluation of players is terrible. We need a prime time linebacker and maybe two, since other than Burfict, we have zero valuable players there.

As of now, I am expecting Marvin Lewis to get the axe. Is he going to get fired? I highly doubt it. Why? Because as my little chart says, our owner is mediocre. So you better get used to mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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