Roll Call: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
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Total comments 2,125
Total commenters 77
Commenter list AP22, AZBengal18, Bengalfansince67, Bengals NFL Champs, BevHillsWhoDey, Bigcatdaddy, Caleb Burch, CaliBengalsFan#97, California Bengal Fan, Da Bear 101, DangitDan, Dave*Neal, Doc Scratch, Docdave, DonMegga, DonavonBR, Evil Monkey, ExNFLScout, Gary W, GenoSacks, Gold Star Chili Cheese Fries, Hash86, HearThemBengalsGrowling, IllinoisBengal, JADefense, Josh Kirkendall, Kaladin, LAbengalfan, LordWaylander, LovetheBengalsinVA, MattLeitner, Mikey5275, Mmcclellan01, Mr. Bungle., Nwa19, OzBengalsFan, PotM, Roman1995, SCbengalsfan, SerbianBengalsFan, TX Bengal, ThEsHeEn117, Thabirdie, Toledoray7, WhoDeyInVA, anya, bengalinflorida, carolinabengal, cesarhernandez, cincythunder, ddbumpus, dqniel, eric nyc, gweedoh565, heywood08, iamJON, ieatwaffleswithsyrup, jmperkins39, joeb69, keithp, lightskin350, lotiondolphin, markwalker0303, maximus85, messjunk, morrison360, n8dogg, nfl391, occams_tiger_teeth, palewook, pedro_oliveira, sexsalad, sleech, soubuckeye, tferreira, ticalcaldwell, whodeynation
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1 occams_tiger_teeth 166
2 messjunk 125
3 Mr. Bungle. 116
4 CaliBengalsFan#97 116
5 whodeynation 110
6 keithp 106
7 palewook 94
8 carolinabengal 89
9 Gary W 60
10 Mmcclellan01 59
11 Thabirdie 55
12 dqniel 52
13 LordWaylander 49
14 eric nyc 48
15 n8dogg 46
16 ExNFLScout 44
17 lightskin350 43
18 Kaladin 43
19 cesarhernandez 42
20 Bengalfansince67 40
21 SCbengalsfan 40
22 TX Bengal 38
23 SerbianBengalsFan 35
24 pedro_oliveira 34
25 PotM 33
26 Doc Scratch 33
27 jmperkins39 31
28 ticalcaldwell 27
29 anya 27
30 Bengals NFL Champs 24
31 markwalker0303 24
32 sexsalad 23
33 Nwa19 22
34 soubuckeye 22
35 iamJON 21
36 Hash86 19
37 AZBengal18 17
38 joeb69 15
39 HearThemBengalsGrowling 14
40 DonavonBR 12
41 LovetheBengalsinVA 11
42 JADefense 11
43 nfl391 8
44 cincythunder 7
45 heywood08 7
46 Caleb Burch 6
47 morrison360 6
48 ThEsHeEn117 5
49 AP22 5
50 OzBengalsFan 4
51 Toledoray7 3
52 sleech 3
53 Bigcatdaddy 2
54 BevHillsWhoDey 2
55 ddbumpus 2
56 IllinoisBengal 2
57 tferreira 2
58 Roman1995 2
59 Evil Monkey 2
60 Da Bear 101 2
61 Mikey5275 2
62 LAbengalfan 2
63 Docdave 1
64 Dave*Neal 1
65 WhoDeyInVA 1
66 lotiondolphin 1
67 DangitDan 1
68 MattLeitner 1
69 California Bengal Fan 1
70 maximus85 1
71 bengalinflorida 1
72 gweedoh565 1
73 Gold Star Chili Cheese Fries 1
74 Josh Kirkendall 1
75 DonMegga 1
76 ieatwaffleswithsyrup 1
77 GenoSacks 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
5 Mr. Bungle. Alright D. Let's make Buffalo's cute little QB's life miserable for the rest of the game.
5 DonavonBR I'm not blindly supporting Andy I know he needs to play smarter, but I don't think he is terrible
2 CaliBengalsFan#97 playoffs? playoffs?
2 joeb69 welp, this ones on Zimmer, you score 24 points
2 keithp misuse of personnel is a continuing problem
2 dqniel [no title]
2 nfl391 Classy Bills fans on Buffalo Rumblings
2 Thabirdie Such creative play calling right now
2 CaliBengalsFan#97 but gio is a one trick pony...
2 LordWaylander Hope we get to keep him
2 Bengalfansince67 Bengal traditions...
2 Kaladin Gonna be one of those games.
2 palewook boomer stating he's not a bengals fan
2 heywood08 trying to keep my mouth shut but can't
2 whodeynation [no title]
2 jmperkins39 You guys are only allowed to complain about
2 whodeynation That stiff arm on Peerman though HAHAHAHA
1 joeb69 what do you expect
1 occams_tiger_teeth running Green Ellis wide on your own 3 yard line
1 carolinabengal Steelers go from 0-5 to first team to make playoffs you know the sportscasters will be saying it
1 SCbengalsfan Bye Whalen
1 palewook we had someone wishing injury on thad before
1 Thabirdie Unless your Rodgers playing the Ravens ;-)
1 carolinabengal Look at those stats dalton haters
1 Thabirdie Do you only like looking at the negatives of this game?
1 keithp Good Throw....give it up
1 Mr. Bungle. Why was green Ellis not in for that...?
1 occams_tiger_teeth GIO!
1 jmperkins39 streak AT buffalo
1 sexsalad Also fairly close to 1-5.
1 BevHillsWhoDey Dude, as a fellow Cali fan.... Turn back into a fan. Discussion over.
1 heywood08 AHEM I just have to say to all doubters
1 dqniel I'd say Alex Smith and Nugent bit us in the ass.
1 PotM Cook is bad
1 Thabirdie Mike Brown has a secret meth business?
1 palewook i fess up to doing the same thing
1 dqniel Look at that hold on MJ
1 Bengals NFL Champs LOL oh wait wait I've seen this one before!
1 occams_tiger_teeth late hit not called there on Bernard
1 SCbengalsfan It's so easy to be negative when you watch this team
1 palewook did one of use forget which way the greater than sign points?
1 lightskin350 What the f is Dalton doing
1 soubuckeye And in other news...
1 Kaladin It sucks
1 palewook its one of his same three issues, has been and continues to be
1 LAbengalfan Whit having a great game
1 Mr. Bungle. Put skirts on them refs. Pu$$ies.
1 occams_tiger_teeth no roughness call there?
1 Hash86 A statistic like INTS by itself means nothing. It has to be put into context.
1 palewook there should be a rule on how many bad calls a ref can make before he is tossed off the field
1 cesarhernandez weak shit
1 Roman1995 these refs
1 n8dogg Thad Lewis looks like a chubby Gary Coleman
1 palewook he hit a 50 last week
1 Nwa19 That shovel pass tho!!!!
1 Kaladin You're Welcome Buffalo
1 jmperkins39 Dalton
1 TX Bengal 17 Points all Offense - in Half!! Keep it up
1 palewook every team in the nfl is going to blitz the bengals hard in the middle
1 n8dogg That Andy Dalton is the worst.
1 TX Bengal This is the offense we have been waiting for - keep it up
1 LordWaylander Yeah that works, great and cheers mate :)
1 palewook 18 + 18 = 6
1 ticalcaldwell I am still troubled by our run d...
1 carolinabengal Holding on Nelson not called
1 SCbengalsfan So?
1 Mmcclellan01 gruden watched that cleveland tape and saw what they did to us lol
1 gweedoh565 gdamn Whitworth!
1 HearThemBengalsGrowling Thanks Mikey! Should be a good game to the end
1 whodeynation Thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian Peterson. Can't imagine what he's going through.
1 messjunk Anyone on firstrow link 3 is closest to game time
1 Gold Star Chili Cheese Fries Kill Bill!!!
1 Mikey5275 Good luck...
1 whodeynation ReallY???
1 ticalcaldwell I swear Tate is the worst returner I have ever seen
1 dqniel [no title]

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