Cincinnati Bengals Season Penalty Report

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Taking a look at the Cincinnati Bengals and the penalties that they've accumulated this year.

Bengals with the most penalties this year (per the NFL):

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is an aggressive linebacker that generates a ton of tackles. But he's also generated a ton of penalties, tied for a team-leading six -- of which three have been called Unnecessary Roughness. Five of Burfict's six penalties have resulted in a first down for the opposing offense.

Tight end Jermaine Gresham leads the offense with six penalties, five of which are false starts (2) and offensive holding (3). Four of Gresham's six penalties have stalled possessions, including the unsportsmanlike conduct against the Detroit Lions.

Players Count Yards First Downs Stalled Drives
Vontaze Burfict 6 63 5 0
Jermaine Gresham 6 50 0 4
A.J. Green 4 40 0 1
Carlos Dunlap 3 25 1 0
Kevin Zeitler 3 20 0 1
Andrew Whitworth 3 5 0 1

Most common penalties (called more than once):

Cincinnati has been called for at least two offensive holds in every game this year, save for the team's 34-30 win over the Green Bay Packers when Kyle Cook was flagged for a hold. While they've been flagged in all but one game with at least two holds, not all of them are enforced; of Cincinnati's 12 offensive holding calls, three were declined due to the result of the play benefiting the opposition more.

Cincinnati has also been called for nine false starts; five have happened on the road over the past two weeks in Buffalo and Detroit.

Penalty Count Declined Yards Yards Nullified First Downs Stalled Drive
Off. Holding 12 3 89 45 0 3
False Start 9 0 44 0 0 3
Unnec. Roughness 5 0 68 0 4 0
Def. Holding 4 1 13 0 2 0
Def. Offsides 4 2 10 0 1 0
Ill. Block above waist 3 0 30 45 0 0
Off. Pass Interference 3 0 30 19 0 1
Face Mask 2 0 30 0 1 0
Roughing Passer 2 0 30 0 2 0
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