It's Been So Long Since I Have Been Here To Talk Football With My Fellow Cincyjungle Members

How is everyone lately, been too busy with schooling and been studying and working hard on trying to get good grades, been watching Bengals Game every time they play and they are still the only team I follow besides the San Francisco 49ers?

Well where should I start..The Domination Game vs The Jets is a good place to start

My evaluation on the Domination Win was just INSANE, I mean there are a lot of Jets fan in Fresno, believe it or not, I also know a lot of buddies who supports the Jets, well went to a Halloween Party with just my Bengals Gear and some of the High School Buddies back in the days were all joking how the Jets were gonna upset the Bengals on Sunday..(Party was on Saturday Night) I was just nodding my head and saying "It's okay, we'll have to watch tomorrow to see who gets beat, you know, any given Sunday." Had a good time but did nothing much probably felt too early from the Party, left at 9pm and Party started at 7pm, Sorry I'm probably a Party Pooper, Haha sorry just not my thing unless I really have a weekend off.

Got home and then I watched the Trap Game Fresno State vs San Diego State

It was clearly a trap game for the Bulldogs, I saw a lot of things that I didnt get to see at Bulldogs Stadium with the Bulldogs of Fresno State struggling to score or break away from the Aztecs of San Diego State. San Diego State is a good team in my honest opinion, having 2 weeks to prepare for the Bulldogs they sure did rattle Derek Carr & Co. I was frustrated with how the Bulldogs perform, I mean it's easy to see on TV on how the Bulldogs should make the changes or adjustments, but they simply where getting man-handled on the Offensive Line with Free Blitzers Shooting through the gap and from the outside causing havoc I mean it was easy to see how to stop that but I couldnt do much about it so not in my control

Good Thing I Called That Block on SDSU final field goal (would have been the Game Winner) Marcel Jensen the 6'8 Tight End with the 1 hand block to force OT and the Bulldog Prevails in OT for the W to stay undefeated and rank

Also have been looking at some prospects as well too (havent been able to look at much due to CHEM1A)

As for my Sunday I waited for the game

We all knew what happen, the Bengals Dominated the Jets in all 3 phases of the game for 4 quarters

49-9 was a whooping and yes my old HS Buddies were quite stun and lost for words, Me just knowing my Bengals will get the Job done and correct our mistakes going into the next game

And Yes, Marvin Jones the WR I really wanted the Bengals take in the Draft good thing we picked him up to add him into our young upcoming lethal Receiving Corp as a whole from WR's to TE's to RB's

Honestly I'll come out and say Bengals have the best Receiving Corp in the NFL

Yes better than the Broncos, honestly I think the Broncos are just a tad overrated, I just do, much like the Seahawks as well.

The Prospects I have looked at or see play are a lot of Fresno State Players, Sorry..

Fresno State

Derek Carr QB

DaVante Adams WR

Isaiah Bruse WR

Josh Harper WR

Austin Wentworth OT

Derron Smith S

Other Prospects

Rashad Greene WR Florida State (JR.)

Jarvis Landry WR LSU (JR.)

Bradley Roby DB Ohio State (JR.)

Brendan Bigelow RB Cal (Went HS with Him and use to live a few blocks from me) (JR.)

Justin Scott Wesley WR Georgia (RS Sophomore)

Ryan Shazier LB Ohio State (JR.)

Andre Hal DB Vanderbilt (Sr.) Reminds of of the other Vandy CB Casey Heyward but somewhat smaller

There are other prospects that I want to sit down and watch, but unfortunately with Chem1A and Lab I been super busy with doing homework and studying everyday, also another thing is that I simply cant process the materials into the lab I mean I understand it when i do the homework with those step along on how to do it, but when I go to lab and take the test its another whole different story, I'm not going to blame the professor, but I mean when I'm in class for lecture I understand it but when it comes to the test it's just a blank stare,

Haha oh well I'm not a Chem Major or Bio Major so if I get a D or C then it will be good, as of now I'm sitting at 77% in Chem 1A just gotta keep grinding and hitting them books with the crown of my helmet so I will be fine..And it was surely good to do another fanpost, it's been a while..

Well take care fellas really looking forward to the Bengals Making That Playoff Run and being Crown as the NFL Champion, Stay Safe and please feel free to chat on here with me about anything, it's been a while not talking to my fellow Bengals Supporter so have a Nice day and enjoy ya day, it's raining and cloudy in Fresno at the moment sounds good for some PHO

Well I'm Out


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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