"Gee I don't think I'd wanna play quarterback for a coach who said his offense wasnt quarterback friendly"

Above is a paraphrase of Jay Gruden during his first press conference upon being hired by the Cincinnati Bengals as their new Offensive Coordinator. I was relieved, intrigued and anxiously optimistic as I listened intently to Jay Gruden that night as he quipped poignantly and candidly to the Cincinnati media. I agree with Gruden on the importance of designing your offense around you quarterback's strengths. And I've witnessed the value of warming your QB up with some easy, rhythmic passes of modest yardage, almost every time i watch an opening drive of Tom Brady's Patriots or Peyton Manning's Broncos.

Jay Gruden's offense doesnt seem very Andy Dalton friendly. I have found Gruden's football philosophy to be much more offensive than his football squad.

Blah Blah Blah Jay Gruden has an ARENA mentality and bladder, as evidenced when he stated in response to M Lewis talking about the running game and how we need to effing run the ball and be a man's football team with punch "oh well yeah....we need to run but we have to get better at big plays from the running game....10 15 20 yard runs."

NO! that is not why you RUN tha ball! Yes that is great and we all love to see one get ripped for 20 physical yards, but you run to let your offensive line be physical. They get to beat up the defense and that makes the psychologically tough both when pass blocking and in more run blocking. You run so the safety moves up in the box and your put eiffert or Gresh over their heads on a post or AJ yes NOW its time to send 18 deep; not on 2 and 6 because gee "third and 3 is no gimme so I feel like we need to get it on second".

For a superbowl caliber offense third and 3 IS a gimme. Third and 3 is where you wanna be all day long. How many times on third and three does Mike Zimmer's vaunted, and rightfully so, defense fail to get off the field? Often...impertinent stat douche GOOOOO!!!!!

Shouldn't the goal of an offense be, in a physical game like football, to assert one's will over their opponent?! You don't call the game afraid of the defense stopping you. You run the ball because you MUST be able to do ONE thing always. The choice of trying to hurl the ball through dangerous landscape of flapping arms and screeching sharp talons ought seem less appealing than simply handing the ball to a back standing next to you.

Jay Gruden is a coward with no stomach for man's football. He is an arena coach. I hope he gets fired and Hue Jackson is hired as OC ala superbowl champ ravens firing cam'RON and bringing in Coldfish.

One game, the color guy....Phil Simms?...said "Gruden has been watching the Packers a lot in the was Aik Aaron Rodgers can run faster than me and he has a howitzer of an arm. Dalton has intelligence, a strong will and accuracy over short distance witha quick strike confidence. Gruden should study the circa 98 Jets with Chad Pennington pre shoulder slash when he still had enough. That offense, with curtis martin and determined bill parcells ruushing attack as its bread and butter, allowed Pennington to feast off play action and passes just over the top of a flinching linebacker/ss core.

I dont like Gruden and I don't like when people judge Marvin Lewis for Bob Bratkowski and I dont like when people judge Andy Dalton for Gruden's panicked "oh my god their gonna stop us we gotta throw it deep to AJ GREEEEEEN and get it now or we caaaaant :(.....

Any ways...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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