Enjoy the Ride, Bengals Fans

Dilip Vishwanat

You might want to thank our head moderator UpStateMike for convincing me that we do not need tougher regulations in the comments section. Don't get me wrong, the conversation has largely been excellent, but there's such a defeated mindset from a growing population that bathes in the negativity that it's actually driving some of our best commenters away. That's not the community I had in mind; I mean, who wants to complain about the Bengals after beating the Patriots; not to mention, the people leaving are the people I like.

So while I'm trying to bring them back, and instead of incorporating tougher rules that withers away the headache-inducing negativity, Mike wanted to present a letter to you.

- Josh K.


About a year ago I was made the Cincy Jungle Community Manager, also known as Moderator Manager, or Moderator Manager. I don’t get paid, I’m just a fan like you, but I want to discuss something with you all.

Now, I’m not here to go over the rule book today. In fact, I want to thank EVERYONE who posts at CJ for how amazingly well this place flows from day to day. I know we get some flak because of how strict we are with F-bombs and we try to minimize infighting and of course trolls. That’s o.k., because right now, it allows us Mods to enjoy the threads and comment section as fans. Most of the time.

This is about another matter. Post-game threads. The comments have been downright depressing. We just beat the 4-0 New England Patriots, and you’d think we lost by 41 points by the comments being posted! Sheesh!

Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with people being able to state their opinions; it’s about taking a pause to enjoy the moment. Let me state this again. The Cincinnati Bengals just beat the 4-0 New England Patriots. It doesn’t matter how we did it. It does not matter by how many points. Our team just reached a milestone. Oh, and I think we also beat the Green Bay Packers a couple weeks ago too.

Maybe we are just gun-shy. We have good reason to be as Bengals fanatics. Sadomasochistic Bengals Fans who watch their team each year hoping that maybe, just maybe, this is our year! Well kids. Guess what? It is our year. The Bengals are able to compete with any team in the NFL. Our Defense ROCKS!

Yes, I understand that the Rusty Rifle is having some issues. Gruden needs to add a twist to the vanilla calls. AJ Green needs to have positive body language no matter what. Fine. I get it. But how about not being the buzz-kill on the post game VICTORY THREAD? That’s all. You are making it so that other fans don’t want to even read it because if the negativity. So for me, and your fellow Cincy Jungle members, wait until Monday before you tear into what’s wrong so we can appreciate what’s right. WHO DEY!

Cincy Jungle Community Manager

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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