Derailed, the life of a Bengals fan.



The year we might be the best Bengals team ever on paper, and start to show it, would be the year we suffer injuries all along the team, thanks "football gods".

(PS: if there really are football gods, they hate us for whatever reason, carson palmer's career being derailed by injury, 2 sb losses, and 0 sb wins)

I strongly believe today was the game that ruined our chances of a post-season win or sb trip. We will make the playoffs, but most likely lose, not because of lack of coaching, or effort, but based on not having enough talent.

Our starters are dropping like flies, it started with Lamur in the off-season, to Leon Hall, to Geno.

We are basically in the Patriots shoes this season, good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to win.

I know injuries are apart of the game, but when our depth is filled with unreliable, injury prone players, you start to wonder.... Losing 1 star player is already big enough in Hall, but Geno too?

It's not doable, Patriots and Coach B. are the kings of "next man up", but it just isn't working this year for them. You lose Wilfork & Mayo and the production takes a hit. Just like you lose Geno and Hall, id argue that Geno/Hall is a bigger loss then Mayo/Wilfork but that's not the point of this post.

Next man up is fine to get you to grind out the rest of the regular season, but unless you find a diamond in the rough, its not gonna get it done in the post-season.

Personally, i feel like this Dolphins loss derailed our entire post-season chances. We will still put up 10+ wins in my opinion, but that isn't good enough anymore at this point. If we aren't winning relevant games, whats the point?

You lose in the post-season you are just as relevant as the worst regular season team, if you aren't first your last. Ask any coach or any player, if they aren't satisfied with it, why should i be?

Were we a SB caliber team without any injuries to us, id say maybe, but id easily say we could win 1 playoff win by far. But now? I dont have as much faith compared to if we were healthy and had our leaders healthy.

At this point, i just hope for the best, but the realistic side of me knows that this team got derailed, big time.

Thankfully the rest of the AFC isn't too "elite", but by the time post-season rolls around, i wonder if we will even be standing on our own 2 feet.

I don't care about the loss to the Dolphins, they did well. I don't care about Andy Dalton having a poor game. I care about the damn injuries. Id trade Genos health for anything...and i mean anything, rather have him healthy then a a damn win.

Who Dey, thanks for the read.

this song is how i feel.

Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb (Lyrics) (via ZeppelinBigFan)

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