Still a believer

Sure - tough loss last night - too many mistakes (AJ Drop, Full Palmer, Sanu bobble - intercept come to mind), big injury wtih Geno, and a loss

This team does not give up and wants the win every week (see Reds, 2013 for team that does not have that fortitude)

Dalton is overanalyzed - that is just how it is going to be. Was the pick six awful - sure - did he lead the team back to the lead - absolutely. It's just in the fans and media's head to look at every pass with a critical eye - (see Brady, Tom, Manning, Eli, Flacco, Joe for some QB's Dalton is outplaying this year that don't get the criticism/analysis heaped on Dalton). Fortunately - Dalton seems to ignore it and keeps a low profile in the media - best way to handle it.

Now is this a dominant team - esp. with Geno's injury - no - can they be very good and have a playoff run - absolutely. Let's not kid ourselves here either - the last truly dominant team was the Patriots in 2007 - and Packers a few years later were close. You don't have to be dominant all year to win the Super Bowl (see Ravens 2013, Giants 2012). It's fun to think this team could whip everybody like the Jets last week - it's just not realistic.

The offense has been largely spared the injuries so far (btw - what happened to the O-Line last nite - looked like they got abused - was that all on Collins?) - and when clicking can put up big points - even when they lay an egg (see Dolphins Game - 2.5 qtrs - they came back to score 17 in 1.5 qtrs to take the lead) they keep fighting.

They believe they can score and don't give up.

They basically played one really bad game this year - Brownies - Chicago held the ball last 6 minutes to seal the win - Cincy had mistake filled mess on short week last nite - but came back to take the lead and played well for 1.5 qtrs.

The injuries on D are a little daunting right now - but that happens to every team in the NFL. Zim is a good D coord - he will adjust - it is still a top 15 D (maybe top 10). Geno went out 1st half - D gave up 13 points last nite - sure not a disaster without Geno.

Big game @B'more in 10 days - Beat the Ravens

11-5 Win Division by 2 Games, #3 Seed, Win first round playoff - then we will see what happens.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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