Which QB should the Bengals take in the 2014 draft?


Let me start by saying that this is no way a post that bashes Dalton and what he has done this season. As most of you know, I am possibly the biggest Dalton supporter on CJ; however, watching an elite team like the Packers turned to ruins after the loss of Aaron Rodgers made me wonder about what would happen to the Bengals if Dalton went down. Josh Johnson is not a good backup QB for this team and would lead them down a route similar to that of the Packers. We all know of the incoming 2014 draft class that is set to be the deepest in years. If there was any year to grab a good backup, it would be this season. The reasons for the Bengals drafting a QB are not limited to only a backup situation. What if Dalton asks for somewhere between 10-15 million dollars next year? Do we pay him or someone like Vontaze Burfict (who would be more valuable to this team). Dalton will be a good QB in the NFL for years to come; however, there are too many question marks to consider and not taking a QB in this draft would be a huge mistake. Below is my current QB ranking who, I believe, will be in the 2014 draft (and where I believe they will be taken). This prospect list is missing a few notable names popular on CJ (Hundley, Bortles, Miller, etc.); this is because I believe these players will option to stay in college.

Before Bengals 1st Round pick:

1.)Teddy Bridgewater- Louisville (top 3 pick)

2.)Marcus Mariota- Oregon (top 5 pick)

3.)Zach Mettenberger- Louisiana State (top 10 pick)

4.)Derek Carr- Fresno State (top 15 pick)

Bengals 1st round possibilities:

5.)Tajh Boyd- Clemson (mid 1st-early 2nd)

6.)Johnny Manziel- Texas A&M (late 1st-mid 2nd)

7.)A.J. McCarron- Alabama (early-mid 2nd)

Bengals 2nd round possibilities:

8.)Stephen Morris- Miami (FL) (late 2nd- early 3rd)

9.)Jimmy Garoppolo- Eastern Illinois (early-late 3rd)

Bengals 3rd round possibilities:

10.)Logan Thomas- Virginia Tech (late 2nd-mid 4th)

Bengals 4th round possibilities:

11.)Keith Price- Washington (mid 4th-mid 5th)

12.)David Fales- San Jose State (late 4th-mid 5th)

13.)Aaron Murray- Georgia (late 4th-early 6th; depends on injury)

Bengals 5th round possibilities:

14.)James Franklin- Missouri (early 5th-mid7th)

15.)Garrett Gilbert- Southern Methodist (late 5th-mid 6th)

16.)Brendon Kay- Cincinnati (early 6th- mid 7th)

Bengals 6th round possibilities:

17.)Kenny Guiton- Ohio State (late 6th- UDFA)

18.)Keith Wenning- Ball State (late 6th- UDFA)

19.)Jeff Mathews- Cornell (early-late 7th)

20.)Devin Gardner- Michigan (early 7th- UDFA)

Bengals 7th round possibilities:

21.)Tom Savage- Pittsburgh (mid 7th- UDFA)

22.)Nathan Scheelhasse- Illinois (late 7th- UDFA)

23.)Connor Shaw- South Carolina (late 7th- UDFA)

24.)Tyler Russell- Mississippi State (late 7th- UDFA)

25.)Jordan Lynch- Northern Illinois (late 7th- UDFA)

Which QB(s) would you take if you were GM of the Bengals?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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