Mike Zimmer preparing for Bengals defense, not head coaching opportunities

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Zimmer has been in a constant state of promotion with vacant head coaching gigs over the years. He hasn't received any but the man they call Zim, is only worried about one thing. The next opponent.

Mike Zimmer being Mike Zimmer might be why he'll have more difficulty obtaining a head coaching position than some would. Along with being a defensive coordinator in an NFL obsessed with offense, Zimmer is characteristically blunt and honest, which may have cost him when Miami selected Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin two years ago.

With another regular season in the books, the sensationalist storyline about the annual rotating coaches tour will commence. The Titans front office is reportedly unhappy with the direction Tennessee is headed and and head coach Mike Munchak is believed to be the perfect scapegoat. Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden has already been linked to Tennessee with Munchak reportedly reaching out to State College to see if Bill O'Brien will be accepting a job in the NFL. .

Munchak: "No I didn't."

Oh. Our bad, writes the entire internet that characteristically makes something out of nothing.

It makes sense that Gruden would be a favorite for a head coaching job compared to Mike Zimmer. It hasn't nothing to do with Zimmer's work as a defensive coordinator -- a job that I hope he holds for the next 20 years. The NFL loves coaches with offensive backgrounds, and probably with a "yes, sir" mentality.

Zimmer is neither.

Another reason why Zimmer being Zimmer might not get a head coaching job? He's not preparing for it. He has other obligations.

"I hear guys say the last couple weeks at the end of the season they're preparing their stuff for their interviews, and I'm like, I'm never doing that," Zimmer told USA TODAY Sports on Friday in his office at Paul Brown Stadium. "My job is to take these players and try to do the best we can every week. I don't even look at that until after it's done."

You mean he's focused on the job at hand, not possible opportunities later? How can franchises not eat this guy up?

"For me, that's a very difficult situation, and I'm sure it is for other coaches, too," said Zimmer. "This is the thing that gets me, is my players are expecting me to study like crazy that week and do everything I can to win this football game. But no, I have to prepare for an interview."

Give Tom Pelissero's story a read. Makes you love Zim that much more.

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