What if Mike Zimmer leaves?

There's a part of me that thinks some GM or owner will finally wake up and give this guy a head coaching gig this offseason but there's an equal part of me that isn't sure it will ever happen given his style and what makes him so good (meaning people who are excellent at their jobs aren't always best suited to manage something bigger). We won't know until it happens but here is a list of current coaches thanks to WIkipedia (source).

The teams most likely to make a coaching change include Houston, Tennessee, NY Giants and possibly Detroit. There could be more but it would depend upon changes to the GM I think. Zimmer would be an interesting fit in Houston and Tennessee, although Houston despite how bad they've been this year their defense is still Top 3 so he wouldn't solve their offensive woes but may be viewed as someone to maintain a new tradition. Jack Del Rio though may be viewed more favorably than him given his prior head coaching experience and less abrasive personality (Del Rio though has not done much for Denver's defense though).

If he goes I'm not sure where we'll be. It seemed like an easy fix if Gruden left since Hue Jackson is waiting in the wings, but the same can't be said on the defensive side of the coaching staff. I can't see Marvin stepping down anytime soon but who knows.

Team Coach Season Hired win loss Ties Win % Previous coach
Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians 2013 7 4 0.5 Ken Whisenhunt
Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith 2008 58 30 0.659 Bobby Petrino
Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh 2008 57 31 0.648 Brian Billick
Buffalo Bills Doug Marrone 2013 4 7 0.333 Chan Gailey
Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera 2011 18 22 0.45 John Fox
Chicago Bears Marc Trestman 2013 6 5 0.625 Lovie Smith
Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Lewis 2003 85 83 1 0.506 Dick LeBeau
Cleveland Browns Rob Chudzinski 2013 4 5 0.444 Pat Shurmur
Dallas Cowboys Jason Garrett 2010 26 23 0.531 Wade Phillips
Denver Broncos John Fox 2011 28 12 0.7 John Fox
Detroit Lions Jim Schwartz 2009 27 45 0.375 Rod Marinelli
Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy 2006 79 41 0.658 Mike Sherman
Houston Texans Gary Kubiak 2006 61 59 0.508 Gary Kubiak
Indianapolis Colts Chuck Pagano 2012 17 7 0.708 Jim Caldwell
Jacksonville Jaguars Gus Bradley 2013 2 9 0 Mike Mularkey
Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid 2013 9 2 1 Romeo Crennel
Miami Dolphins Joe Philbin 2012 11 13 0.458 Tony Sparano
Minnesota Vikings Leslie Frazier 2010 18 29 0.383 Brad Childress
New England Patriots Bill Belichick 2000 158 59 0.728 Pete Carroll
New Orleans Saints Sean Payton 2006 68 36 0.654 Jim Haslett
New York Giants Tom Coughlin 2004 85 67 0.559 Jim Fassel
New York Jets Rex Ryan 2009 39 34 0.534 Eric Mangini
Oakland Raiders Dennis Allen 2012 7 17 0.292 Hue Jackson
Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly 2013 4 5 0.444 Andy Reid
Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin 2007 65 39 0.625 Bill Cowher
San Diego Chargers Mike McCoy 2013 4 4 0.5 Norv Turner
San Francisco 49ers Jim Harbaugh 2011 30 9 1 0.763 Mike Singletary
Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll 2010 33 24 0.579 Jim L. Mora
St. Louis Rams Jeff Fisher 2012 10 14 1 0.42 Steve Spagnuolo
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Greg Schiano 2012 7 17 0.292 Raheem Morris
Tennessee Titans Mike Munchak 2011 19 21 0.475 Jeff Fisher
Washington Redskins Mike Shanahan 2010 24 33 0.421 Jim Zorn

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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