Matt Scott a future Bengal's franchise QB?

Arizona Wildcat quarterback Matt Scott is not a household name in this years draft class. But he does bring a lot to the table which has made me look into him a little bit. We all know that we need a backup for Andy this year. Are we going to go out and get one in free agency? Who knows.... But if we are in a good spot to take a shot at a QB in this years draft then we should do it.

He only started one year in college at Arizona, but he made his senior year count.

Here are his stats for his senior year.


301 Completion's 499 Attempts 60.3% Completion 3620 Yards 7.3 Average 27 TDS 63 Long 14 INTS


113 Attempts 504 Yards 4.5 Average 24 Long 6 TDS

Those are not bad stats for playing in the Pac 12. He also didn't have that much talent around him on the team. He made due with what he had and played well.

Here are Dalton's senior year stats for comparison.


209 Completion's 316 Attempts 66.1% Completion 2857 Yards 9.0 Average 27 TDS 93 Long 6 INTS


86 Attempts 435 Yards 5.1 Average 47 Long 6 TDS

Dalton is 6'2" while Scott is 6'3"

Dalton weighs 220 while Scott weighs 200lbs.

They both threw for 60%+ which is very good. Dalton beat him with % in that category, but he also didn't have to throw as much as Matt did.

Matt threw for 763 yards more than Dalton, mainly because he had more attempts.

They both threw for the same amount of TD's, but Andy threw less interceptions.

Both are similar statistically for the most part, rushing wise and passing wise.

But at the combine, Matt turned some heads.

Scott rant he 3rd fastest 40 yard dash of all QB's and set the best-ever mark for the 20 yard shuttle by a QB with a 3.99 second performance. Hes much more athletic than Andy is.

According to: CBS Sports Rob Rang:

The ball explodes out of his hand on short and intermediate throws. Several caught receivers by surprise during the gauntlet drills with how quickly they arrived.

It wasn't all good for Scott, however, as his accuracy tailed off on deeper throws. Also, while Scott demonstrates plenty of arm talent, his footwork can be a bit inconsistent. He didn't consistently step into his throws Sunday.

Andy and Matt both have deep ball issues, but our system as of right now doesn't require the quarterback to depend on the deep ball.

Matt brings a athletic dynamic that we haven't had at the QB position. It would be interesting to see what he could do in stripes!

Here is him playing in his bowl game this past season vs Nevada.

Some might remember this game as being the 'best' bowl game of the year. An awesome comeback by the Wildcats let by Matt Scott himself.

He finished with 3 TDS and 2 INTS with 382 yards with a 59.6% completion.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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