First - A post Superbowl mock with two full rounds included

I kind of doubt it will play out this way but if it did I for one would be extremely happy:)

Round 1

KC – Geno Smith - This years QB class may not be as good as last years but the Chiefs still need to address the QB position at some point and what better time to do it than with the #1 overall pick in the draft

Jags – Luke Joeckel – Every year it seems like the Jags numerous wholes to fill and by taking Joeckle they can at least solidify there tackle position for many years to come

Oak – Star Lotulelei - Their defense up front was terrible last year so taking the best DT in a very deep class should help

Browns – DeMontre Moore – Apparently they are switching to a 3-4 so they are going to need some new defensive personnel

Cardinals – Matt Barkley – This is my first surprise pick but I think he jumps back up to be the 2nd QB taken

Bills - Bjoern Werner - Tremendous value pick and maybe he can help get Mario Williams back on track by playing opposite him

Jets – Barkevious Mingo – Rex is still a defensive coach and although they need to address offensive playmakers they are still need to try and win with the defense especially looking at their current roster

Titans – Jonathan Cooper – They have a former offensive lineman as there head coach and I’m sure he understands the value of building a strong a line

Chargers – Dee Milner - Quinton Jammer is done and CB is going to be a need they are fortunate to have the best CB fall to them

Dolphins – Cordarelle Patterson – They traded Brandon Marshal last year so now they desperately need to add some weapons for Ryan Tannehill to utilize

Tampa – Ezekial Ansah – The Bucks offense is not that far away but the defense needs some work so adding a pass rusher with a huge upside might not be a bad thing

Carolina - Sheldon Richardson – The panther are another team that needs to get the defense to catch up with the offense. They also need to get Cam back on track but at least with this pick they can address the first part of the equation

Saints – Jonathan Hankins - The Saints defense got a little better late in the season but they were still really bad and they desperately need help up front

Rams – Lane Johnson - The Rams may not have gotten RG3 but they got picks and it’s important to use them wisely, more often than not you can't really go wrong taking a talented lineman early and Jeff Fisher knows that

Steelers – Jarvis Jones - This pick brings the Steeler's an athletic pass rusher as well as much needed youth and athleticism to an aging defense

Cowboys – Chance Warmack – When Nate Livings is arguably one of your best offesnive line men you may want to address the offensive line early and often

Giants - Alex Okafor - Osi’s a free agent and Justin Tuck is coming off a bit of a down year so it’s time to replenish that defensive front which has always been the strength of their defense.

Bears – Barret Jones – Another team with just an atrocious offensive line. They need to find a way to protect Cutler and they will be very fortunate to be able to add such a versatile player

Bengals – Kenny Vacarro (S) – The Bengals have needed to address the safety position for several years now and they have continuously failed to do so now with Vacarro dropping down to them here I just can’t see them passing up on the BPA at a position of need

Rams – Jonathan Banks – There defensive secondary needs to be addressed and Banks provides tremendous value here

Vikings – DeAndre Hopkins – They have to find away to burn 8 &9 man fronts that teams are using to stop AD, A consistent (as we know Simpsons not consistent and Harvin cant stay healthy) threat on the outside should help a ton

Colts – DJ FlukerAndrew Luck is too valuable of an asset not to be protected and DJ Fluker would be a huge upgrade on that line.

Seahawks – Dion Jordan – Remember the Bruce Irvin pick out of no where? This guy is an athletic freak and I’m not sure Pete Carrol’s going to be able to resist him if he falls to here

Packers – Travis Frederick – A lot of people are predicting a RB right here but I'm just not sure there’s a RB prospect worthy of a first round pick this year. Aaron Rogers is still maybe the best QB in the game and his line let him down big time last year. Jeff Saturdayeven got benched half way through the season, therfore IMO the offensive line has to be the packers #1 priority this off season

Texans – Keenan AllenAndre Johnson has had a very good year but he is getting older and he could use some additional help in the receiving corp. Matt Shaub is an OK QB, but he’s not even close to being elite so the more weapons they can offer him the better off the Texans will be.

Broncos – Desmond Trufant – Although Champ’s still pretty good I’m not sure how much longer he can go and D.T. may be the perfect replacement as a pure cover corner

Patriots – Tavon Austin – The way the Patriots have done business in the past means that Wes Welker is probably out the door, therefore he needs to be replaced and Tavon Austin may be the just what they are looking for in a replacement.

Falcons - Zack Ertz – Some how Tony G. was still great even in his mid 30’s but he’s finally decided to call it a career and replacing him might be easier said than done. Two years ago the Falcons made a trade during the draft and gave up a lot to give Matt Ryan some more weapons, therefore I don’t see them loosing one of those weapons and not trying to do everything in their power to replace them.

49ers - Eric ReidDashon Goldson is a free agent whose always been a bit over rated and I just don't see him back next year. Luckily for the 49ers they found a very capable replacement in this draft.

Ravens – Arthur Brown – This may be a surprise pick because especially since I’m not a huge Brown fan and I think he’s been slightly over rated. Having said that, I can just see the Ravens looking at him as a Ray Lewis type of LB and hoping they might be able to catch lighting in a bottle once again with this LB selection.

2ND Round

Jags – Tyler Wilson

Cheifs – DaTone Jones

Philly – Xavier Rhodes

Lions – Jordan Poyer

Bengals – Alec Ogletree (OLB)– Rey Malauga is terrible and will not be back in any capacity next year. The Bengals are fortunate to be able to pick up a versatile player with maybe more upside than any other LB in the draft.

Cards – Oday Oboushi

Jets – Mike Glennon

Titans – Matt Elam

Bills – Ryan Nassib

Dolphins – Kyle Long

Bucks – Sheriff Floyd

Panthers – Robert Woods

Chargers – John Jenkins

Rams – Margus Hunt

Cowboys – Jon Cyprien

Steelers – Manti Te’o

Giants - Tyler Eifert

Bears - Kevin Minter

Redskins - Jessie Williams

Vikings - Logan Ryan

Bengals – Eddie Lacey (RB) – The Bengals will need to continue to add weapons to help Andy and take some of the pressure of AJ. Adding another powerful and more explosive RB to compliment BJGE could to wonders for this team and their running game.

Dolphins - BW Webb

Packers – Geo Benard

Seahawks - Andre Ellington

Texans – Kasheem Green

Broncos - Jonathan Franklin

Patriots - David Amerson

Falcons – Sam Montgomery

49ers - Aaron Dobson

Ravens - Phillip Thomas

Bengals continued

Round 3 - Markus Wheaton (WR)

Round 4 - Kenjon Barner (RB)

Round 5 - Cornelious Washington (DE)

Round 6 - Marc Anthony (CB)

Round 6 - Michael Williams (TE)

UDFA – Walter Stewart

Here are also some realistic free agents we may target

Josh Johnson (QB) – He was drafted and played for the Gruden brothers during his rookie year with Tampa Bay.

Michael Jenkins (CB) – He’s still young and has shown in the past that he obviously has some talent. Not to mention Zimmer’s had tremendous success taking former first players from the Cowboys and making them good again.

Brandon Johnson (LB) – He’s knows and thrived in our system, plus he can back up every LB position better than anyone else we currently have our roster

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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