A Different Sort Of Mock Draft

A Different Sort Of Mock Draft One round. One pick. The guy you select is going to be your main guy for a while. But you basically have the first overall pick.

No, I’m not talking the NFL draft in April, but the papal selection that begins today. The Cardinals of the Catholic Church are essentially similar to your GM’s, except you have 115 GM’s all with an equal vote on one team.

We’ve all seen countless mock drafts and draft boards over the last month, and we’ve still got about 1.5 months to go until the real thing. So why not take our minds off the NFL draft for a moment with a whimsical look at a ‘draft’ of another sort...

You get the first, and only pick in this draft. So who are you taking?

Below is a list of the cardinal, and which NFL prospect they most resemble.

Angelo Scola (Italy) – GENO SMITH, QB
Up until the 1970’s the Italians have dominated the papal selections. Similarly, QB’s are a popular top selection in any NFL draft. Geno is considered the top QB, while Scola is considered the top Italian candidate.

Tarcisco Bertone (Italy) – MATT BARKLEY, QB
Similar to Scola because he’s an Italian, and Italians are popular choices. He’s a less likely candidate to be selected than Scola.

Christoph Schornborn (Austria) EDDIE LACY, RB
Italians have dominated the papacy for hundreds. But Europeans have dominated it for even longer. RB’s have joined QB’s as popular selections for the 1st overall pick for many years. Though Schornborn is a better papal candidate than Lacy is as a 1st overall candidate.

Peter Turkson (Ghana) – DEE MILLINER, CB
Considered perhaps one of the top overall players in the draft, a true shutdown corner with great speed. But could we see a CB taken #1 overall? Turkson is considered one of the most papable candidates in the conclave, but could we see an African selected to the papacy?

Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines) – CORDARELLE PATERSON, WR
A young candidate with a lot of upside is a good description for both. At 55 years old, Tagle is essentially a kid when compared to the other cardinals. A Pilipino has never been selected pope, while a WR has hardly ever been selected #1 overall; at least not for decades. Could pan out to be a great player, and a great pope, but both seem highly unlikely to be the guy selected.

Oscar Rodriguez (Hounduras) – LUKE JOEKEL, OT
If one wants somebody other than a QB or RB, Joekel is a likely option. If somebody wants a non-European, Rodriguez seems like a good option. He is the top candidate from Latin America, which boasts millions and millions of Catholics.

Marc Oulette (Canada) – JARVIS JONES, OLB
Once considered a very possible candidate for the top choice, his star is falling of late. Similarly, a month ago Oulette seemed a very possible candidate, but of late his draft stock is falling.

Sean O’Malley (USA) –ERIC FISHER, OT
Fisher came into the combine not as well-known as the other top o-lineman prospects, Warmack & Joekel. Similarly, O’Malley was not as well-known as his North American counterparts, but is jumping up the papal draft boards of late.

Timothy Dolan (USA) – CHANCE WARMACK, OG
Considered one of the top talents in the draft, but his position as Guard could keep him from being taken #1 overall. Dolan is considered one of the most papable cardinals, but his position as an American could keep him from being selected pope.

Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy) – Any QB not named Geno or Barkley
As the 3rd rated Italian, Ravasi has little chance. Similarly, any QB rated below Barkley & Geno Smith has little chance of being taken #1 overall.

Peter Erdo (Hungary) – DION JORDAN, DE
Working their ways up the boards over the last week or two, but very, very highly unlikely to be selected.

John Tong Hon (Hong Kong) – KENNY VACCARO, S
I love the name John Tong Hon of Hong Kong. It’s crazy with the O’s. John Tong Hon has a miniscule chance of being elected, but he’s a personal favorite. Similarly, Vaccaro has about a 0% chance of being elected, but is a Cincy Jungle favorite (at least as the Bengals’ #21 pick).

The likelihood of Floyd, Warner or Loutuleli being taken #1 overall is a possibility, but not a high probability. Similarly, any of the other cardinals not listed certainly has a chance of being selected pope, but at this point seems somewhat unlikely.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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