My Own Offseason

Free Agency is finally here, and a day in which all Football fans check their computers hourly in hopes of their team signing a top dog free agent to put their team over the top and win the championship for next season. But for us Bengals fans, we sit and wait....and wait... we know we wont sign any top dog free agents. so why get excited? Well, here is why. If the off-season went like this, we as Bengals Die Hards can almost be overjoyed with our team for once without too much skepticism....

Free Agency:

"Beanie"Wells- if signed, this guy POTENTIALITY Gives us a great Back. Hes a big, solid, bruiser type back that works well in our division. he piles up touchdowns, and can break tackles unlike BJGE. i would sign him to a 3 yr 3-4 million contract.

Felix Jones- This is completely irrelevant, but in Madden 13 i picked him up, and he rushed for 1,249 yards in hi first season with the team. But none the less, he has had his share of injuries, and cant be relied upon a whole lot. but i think with a fresh atmosphere, and a more stable locker room, he could give us easily 400-500 yards.

Sage Rosenfels/Chase Daniels- Gradkowski's Contract is up, and we are in need of some fresh blood in the Backup Quarterback Position. Some younger blood who isn't satisfied with just being a backup would bring us some good. Plus, Daniels has been behind Drew Brees his whole career so maybe he can give Dalton some Tips? :D

Louis Murphy- When you're on the Raiders, 4 seasons seems like a whole career. So with a new environment, i believe this guy could be solid for us. He Reminds me of a older Marvin Jones with his athleticism. At least he could come into camp and show us what hes got and try to push Whalen out of the 7th WR Spot.

Kevin Boss- How cool would it be to have a #85 Jersey with the name "Boss"on the back? Not saying i would ever buy it, but it would be intriguing. We are all baffled about the third TE named Quinn on our roster. This guy could be a good 3rd, or even backup TE.

Jason Smith- He was the 2nd overall pick for the Rams in 2009, and never really lived up the hype. Watching some of his tape, this guy is a big force to be reckoned with on the line. He just never was healthy enough. He'd provide good depth on our emerging O-line


Adam Jones

Terrance Newman

Pat "The Missing Link"Sims

Dennis Roland

Dre' Smith ( If he doesn't command 9 Mil per yr )

Chris Crocker

Josh Brown- to compete for starting job.

Thomas Howard

Rey Maualuga

Dan Skuta

So that is my offseason plan. It provides the team with added depth, and quality starters that fill the holes we have. The Problem i see with us is that we have players that are decent, but not bad enough to be replaced. We need Mikey Brown to start making the big signings and cutting the players that arent up to par. Marvin also needs to start laying the law down and start benching players who arent performing well. But anyways, let us enjoy a great season next year, WHO DEY!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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