Bengals front office should be trusted.... In my opinion.

A lot of people on here are mad at the Bengals for opting to resign their own, Maualuga, Tate, Geathers, Roland seem to get the most heat. Gilberry and Jones resigning are celebrated and rightly so. Most peoples problem is how they haven't signed 1 or 2 more outside free agents. Some wanted a big splash, some wanted nothing drastic just some quality additions/replacements, some just simply didn't want Rey back and life would have been bliss. But regardless of whether the Bengals have done what I/we/you think they should have done, they should be trusted in their decision making. (I can feel many of you becoming irate and furiously typing about that last sentence, how Mike Brown is a chucklehead, he's tight with money so free agency doesn't matter, Marvin can't beat playoff teams, We haven't won a playoff game in 40 billion years.) But they do make good decisions. Especially in the draft.

After reading many a mock draft on a plethora of websites (yes it's my own fault for reading so many) I realized I was very bored of reading them and wanted to see if any mock drafts from last year were somewhat accurate, so I looked up last years mock drafts that took place on this site and it made me realize just how good our draft was, when you consider peoples opinions on players when based on just what they had done at college. Before the combine, before free agency (which changes team need and not peoples opinions on the draft talent) i and before coaches and scouts started to visit pro days and unleash their smokescreens See the link below;

The highlights for me..

12. Seattle Seahawks -Devon Still (19)

38. Jacksonville Jaguars - Marvin Jones (50)

47. New York Jets - Mohammed Sanu (44)

53. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Polk (42)

54 - Detriot Lions - Vontaze Burfict (75)

55 - Atlanta Falcons - Kevin Zietler (43)

Best Available Targets at Pick 81 for the Bengals

Brandon Thomspon (48) & Orson Charles (46)

We finished with 7 players that were considered to be in the top 75 according to Joe Goodberry's board (I assume its his and i don't think his valuations of players was anything drastically different from most at the time). They may not all be superstars at the moment but it's been one season and they showed they're capable of being good solid players for us.

Maybe we just got incredibly lucky or maybe just maybe, the Bengals front office has a plan and they're implementing it and so far the results have been encouraging.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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