Bengals' NEEDS going into the draft. A quick roster review.

QB - Andy Dalton, Josh Johnson, Z Robinson
Andy is a good young QB. Hopefully we're set at the starting position. Johnson offers athleticism, yet inexperience as the backup - a project more than a mentor. Z Robinson is replacable. Could use a late round pickup to groom behind Dalton should Andy not re-sign. This is not an immediate need.

RB - BJGE, Cedric Peerman, Dan Herron, Chris Pressley, John Connor, Jourdan Brooks, (B Scott), (B Leonard)
A nice, but unspectacular group. BJGE is a safe option, but lacks that 'wow' to change a game. Peerman has shown flashes, but in a limited role. Not sure we need 3 fullbacks. Kind of a glut there.
They could use a stud (Dillon) type of RB, but it's debatable if that can be found in this draft class. A rotational guy at the least should be added, but his role will depend on how they want to use BJGE & Peerman. This is a NEED, to get a RB of some sort.

WR - AJ Green, M Sanu, A Hawkins, M Jones, R Whalen, B Tate, D Sanzenbacher, J Hilton, T Rogers
The #1 position is basically set in stone. Sanu could become a Housh or Anquan Boldin type - but that's based on projections. Jones is a decent 3rd or 4th WR. Hawkins has a niche role.
They could use a #2 receiver opposite Green. If they don't draft an elite one early, what they draft really won't be an improvement on what they currently have in their top 3 or 4 guys. A #2 is a NEED, but that could be mitigated by the potential emergence of Sanu (or even Jones).

TE - Jermain Gresham, Orson Charles, Richard Quinn
Gresham is good. But lacks the consistent hands & blocking skills to be considered elite. Charles is probably a career #2, more than a Gresham replacement? Currently there is no need for a TE, but that may change based on their future plans with Gresham.

OLINE - A Whitworth, K Zeitler, K Cook, C Boling, A Collins, D Roland, T Wharton, T Robinson, D Knapp, (A Smith)
Whit is productive, but aging. Boling/Wharton offer a battle for a solid LG. Zeitler should have RG secure. Cook/Robinson is adequate yet unspectacular. If Smith doesn't re-sign, RT become an open hole, with Collins the top candidate.
This is not a NEED, as they have enough warm bodies to field a decent line. If they can get somebody better than Cook or Collins (if Smith leaves), it would be a nice addition to the team, but it's not a pressing need, per se.

DT - G Atkins, D Peko, D Still, B Thompson
Geno is a stud. Peko is very solid. Still & Thompson are unproven. This isn't a need, except for possible depth, but that would probably come via a UDFA or late round flier.

DE - M Johnson, C Dunlap, W Gillberry, R Geathers, J Anderson, D Evans
The first 4 likely make up their opening day roster at DE. Geathers could be replacable with a good DE from the draft. But it's not exactly a need, except perhaps for depth.

LB - V Burfict, E Lamur, D Moch, A Maybin, B Joiner, JK Schaffer, R Maualuga, (T Howard)
Burfict is the lone good LB in this group with any experience. Re-signing Howard doubles that total. Lamur isn't bad, but may not be starter quality? Maybe? At this point, Maybin / Moch / Joiner are all fliers, and hopefully one of them sticks. This seems to be a NEED.

CB - L Hall, A Jones, D Krikpatrick, B Ghee, J Allen, C Lewis-Clark, S Prater, (N Clements), (T Newman)
Hall is aging, but still good. Jones is a good 3rd CB. The rest of them are completely unproven. Assuming Dre is healthy and can start opposite Hall, they've got a solid set of 3 CB's on the field. It's only a need if one of the top 3 gets hurt.

S - R Nelson, T Mays, G Iloka, R Sands, T Dye, (C Crocker)
Nelson is good. Mays is adequate. The rest of them are unknown. This position seems to scream need.

LB and Safety seem to be the 2 most pressing, urgent needs. RB and WR2 seem to be needs, but to a lesser degree, since we have bodies at those positions. OLINE would be nice to see upgraded at Center and/or RT (depending on A Smith)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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