The how we might have to learn to live with a RT getting paid more than 28 LT in the league mock

I've mocked us playmakers. I haven't drafted a T high believing Smith will return however if does leave replacing players isn't going to win us a SB IMO let Collins start. I think he comes back with his tail between his legs finding out that no team will pay that much for a RT

I really believe 49ers will trade up they have 14 picks and we could be the lucky recipients, where are all those players fitting on to their roster. If we don't get the trade BPA at #21 is Desmond Trufant
#21 trade with 49ers they pick Vaccaro Rams also want a S so this will give them the top one replacing Goldson who will leave we get #31 & #63

So at
#31 Nuke Hopkins WR Best hands of the WR he's pick is not to replace Sanu it's to enhance him and AJ
#37 Alex Okafor DE Very intelligent kid and a fit at LDE over Geathers
#53 Sio Moore or Khaseem Greene LB don't care which one both would be great fits
#63 Jonathan Franklin RB is the best fit for us I like Andrea Ellington as well
#84 JJ Wilcox he's the quickest of the taller S, was impressive at senior bowl, is a beast on ST can return kicks and has played WR Sign a S in FA as well
4th AJ Klein MLB can play WLB as well he's quick from sideline to sideline great tackler
5th Kerwynn Williams RB/KR quick will return Kicks and probably won't need advice from Peerman whether or not to take it out of the redzone on KO
6a Michael Williams TE big strong can block and catch see ya Roland
6b Tanner Hawkinson T/G finally we draft a T to develop, three years in the waiting he plays both sides plus RG has quick feet

Players I left out : (
Jordan Poyer best tackling and ballhawk CB in this draft 2nd
Barrett Jones I still think he'll be a star at any interior position 2nd
Dallas Thomas LT/LG Future replacement for Whit 2nd
Obviously one of the LB and RB I picked
Travis Kelce TE best TE fit for us Blocks and catches but spending a 3rd on a TE
Blidi Wreh Wilson this kid has a high ceiling IMO 3rd
Cornelius Washington DE a beast 3rd-4th
Ace Sanders the PR/KR from hell nice hands as well 5th
Ray Graham my favourite college player 5th - 6th


We probably won't get any of these S or CB but it would be good to put in offers to pressure teams to use their cap think of Williams and Baltimore's cap situation and Quin with the Texans getting him to repay them taking JJoe
S - William Moore, Chris Hope, Glover Quin, Dashon Goldson or Kenny Phillips
CB - Mike Jenkins, Derek Cox or Cary Williams
QB - Jason Campbell, Drew Stanton or Chase Daniel
LB - Dannell Ellerbe, Daryl Smith

UDFA I've picked ten players that I've seen throughout 2012

Dan Kadar QB-Chris Thompson RB-Melvin White CB/S

Chad Bumphis WR-Mike Shanahan TE/WR-Duane Zlatnick G

Darius Johnson WR-Jimmy Bennett LT-Brodrick Waters WR/RB Terrence Brown CB

OK comments or constructive criticism please : )

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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