If MIKE BROWN can't get a simple contract done with James Harrison how in the hell is he going to be able to sign the FA we have coming up in the next 12 months or so?

I don't care how much money the teams rolls over to 2014, can the team re-sign MJ, DUNLAP, GRESHAM, ATKINS, GREEN and DALTON not to mention that ANDRE SMITH is still out there and is just as important as any name listed.

The big 3 that MIKE BROWN has to pay if he doesn't want fans might burn down PBS is of course GREEN, ATKINS and DALTON even though I am not sold on ANDY DALTON. The agents for GREEN and ATKINS are going to argue that they are the best at their positions and should be paid like it and they should!

AJ GREEN will cost the most to sign and should come right under the deal that the Lions gave Calvin Johnson at 8 yrs 132 million and what the Cardinals gave Larry Fitzgerald at 8 yrs 128 million. GREEN will not get that much but he will be very close. This kid is a game breaker who has not reached his ceiling yet and if the BENGALS ever get off their ass and get him a compliment he could put a team on his back from the WR position which is unheard of. There is no point in guessing a contract but it will be more than Wallace but less than Johnson and Fitzgerald.

GENO ATKINS is just as good and plays at a more important position. ATKINS plays like a young W. Sapp in my opinion. The way he can collapse a pocket from up the middle sets up everything for this defense. There are only a couple of DT in the entire league that can put up DD sack numbers from the DT position. The only question is will ATKINS get Mario Williams money. I know it's a different position but it's still on the DL and ATKINS is a better overall player. Williams got a 6yr 100 million and I believe that ATKINS agent will ask for the same deal given the age and position that ATKINS plays.

ANDY DALTON is the big mystery to me and I have no idea what it would take to re-sign him because he has had 2 good seasons but his worst games have been in the 2011 playoff loss and his last 5 games of 2012 also with another bad playoff loss. You would have to think that re-signing him would have to start at about 10 million and going up if he can get this team to the playoffs again and win a playoff game(s). Some BENGAL fans think that he is a franchise QB but I am not one of them. If ANDY DALTON was to hit the open market (which will never happen) what would another team be willing to pay him. He has to be in a west coast offense because his arm is average at best. I believe that 10 million a year would be fair value for him.

GRESHAM has made the pro bowl for two years and running but he has been there because of injuries to other better TE in the AFC. That being said I would let GRESHAM hit the open market and see what another team is willing to pay him. He can have a great game but then he goes into the witness protection program for a month and then he will have another good game not to mention he dropped a lot of easy passes last year. What is the going rate for pro bowl TE because I would not pay him more than 5-6 million a year because in my opinion that is his worth but still he is a very good TE but I am just up in the air about him. I would not fill bad if he left or stayed.

DUNLAP and JOHNSON are the 2 wildcards in my opinion because the team can not afford to pay both of them unless MJ proves that last year was a fluke and I don't see that happening whatsoever. Because of the pass rush that ATKINS brings with his non-stop motor up the middle I think that MJ once again puts up DD sacks. DUNLAP has not played a entire season yet and no one knows how good he can be. I believe that he is better than MJ but as a BENGAL fan I would hate to see him leave and then go and play like a all-pro for another AFC team like Joseph has the past 2 seasons. I thought it made no since to bring back GEATHERS for 2013 because DUNLAP needs to see if he can start and play a full 16 + games and still perform at a high level. I just don't see MIKE BROWN paying both his starting DE 10-12 million each to stay here in CINCY.................just can't see it. He can't even get a contract done with a player like Harrison who would do wonders for this defense on passing down. He brings a little fear factor when he is on the field. I would bet that Colt McCoy wets himself nightly because of the hit that Harrison licked him with and now MIKE BROWN wants us fans to believe that he is now looking at Karlos Dansby who is the better fit but will cost more. I think it's nothing but a ploy to get Harrison to lower his asking price. Classic MIKE BROWN, gotta love him.

The BENGALS have sold us fans that they are saving their money to sign their own this season as well as next but I don't think it will happen. One maybe more will not be a BENGAL in 2014.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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