Insanity with some Reasoning: A Pre-draft Mock of the First Round

There has been a lot of mock draft floating around over the past few weeks, however most lack the one key element that makes the NFL draft truly unpredictable: trades. I have proposed several trades in this first round scenario that would make sense, but still throw everyone's prediction off of what the Bengals can expect come draft day.

In this mock draft, trades are indicated by crossing out the former team name and replacing with the new team at that selection and a prediction of the picks traded.

1.) Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins (KC:1st, MIA: 12th, 42nd, 2014:1st, and 2014:2nd)-Luke Joeckel- OT/Texas A&M

2.) Jacksonville Jaguars- Geno Smith-QB/ West Virginia

3.)Oakland Raiders Arizona Cardinals (OAK: 3rd, AZ: 7th, 2014:2nd, and 2014: 3rd)- Eric Fisher-OT/Central Michigan

4.)Philadelphia Eagles- Dee Milliner-CB/Alabama

5.) Detroit Lions- Ezekiel Ansah- DE/BYU

6.)Cleveland Browns San Diego Chargers (CLE: 6th, SD: 11th and 45th)- Lane Johnson-OT/Oklahoma

7.) Oakland Raiders- Cornellius "Tank" Carradine- DE/ Florida State

8.) Buffalo Bills Dallas Cowboys (BUF: 8th, DAL: 18th, 47th, and 2014: 2nd)- Sharrif Floyd- DT/Florida

9.) New York Jets- Dion Jordan- OLB/Oregon

10.) Tennessee Titans- Chance Warmack- OG/Alabama

11.) Cleveland Browns- Xavier Rhodes- CB/Florida State

12.) Kansas City Chiefs- D.J. Fluker- OT/Alabama

13.)Tampa Bay Buccaneers New York Jets (TB: 13th and 2015: 5th, NYJ: Darrelle Revis) St.Louis Rams (NYJ: 13th, STL: 16th and 2014: 2nd)- Tavon Austin- WR/West Virginia

14.) Carolina Panthers- Star Lotulelei- DT/Utah

15.) New Orleans Saints- Barkevious Mingo- OLB/LSU

16.) New York Jets Denver Broncos (NYJ: 16th, DEN: 28th,90th, and 2014:2nd)- Sheldon Richardson- DT/Missouri

17.) Pittsburgh Steelers- Bjoern Werner- DE/ Florida State

18.) Buffalo Bills- E.J. Manuel- QB/ Florida State

19.) New York Giants- Manti Te'o- ILB/Notre Dame

20.) Chicago Bears San Fransisco 49ers (CHI: 20th and 52nd, SF: 31st, 34th,93rd and 2014:6th)- Kenny Vaccaro-S/Texas

21.) Cincinnati Bengals: Arthur Brown- OLB/ Kansas State

22.) St. Louis Rams- Jonathan Cooper- OG/ North Carolina

23.) Minnesota Vikings- Cordarrelle Patterson- WR/ Tennessee

24.) Indianapolis Colts- Jarvis Jones- OLB/ Georgia

25.) Minnesota Vikings- Kevin Minter- ILB/ LSU

26.) Green Bay Packers- Giovani Bernard- RB/ North Carolina

27.) Houston Texans- Justin Hunter- WR/ Tennessee

28.) New York Jets Atlanta Falcons (NYJ: 28th, ATL: 30th and 92nd)- Desmond Trufant- CB/ Washington

29.) New England Patriots- Sylvester Williams- DT/ North Carolina

30.) New York Jets- Ryan Nassib- QB/ Syracuse

31.) Chicago Bears- Alec Ogletree- ILB/ Georgia

32.)Baltimore Ravens- Keenan Allen- WR/ California

If you have any questions about the mock, ask in the comments section and I will do my best to address them.

Reminder: Mock draft Saturday and Sunday at 2pm at Turf Show Times (Rams blog). We still need someone to handle the twitter account. I will post a fanpost for each round on Saturday (for everyone else that wants to participate) that will provide the best prospects available. If you want to help out with the draft, contact messjunk.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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