My 7-Round Bengals' Mock Draft

Alright, so I've watched some additional film since the last time I made a FanPost with a Mock Draft on it. I've had two big questions clarified:

1. I'm now 100% sold on the guy I liked from my first mock. In fact, I'm going to make a bold move to ensure that I get him. You may like it, you may hate it. I'll explain more below

2. Any gap between Vaccaro and the next group of Safeties has shrunk considerably in my mind. In fact, I may like another guy more.

So, to start......

CINCINNATI Trades Picks 1(21) and 2(53) to NEW YORK JETS for Pick 1(13) (assuming the Revis deal happens as reported). I can't imagine the Jets passing on this when they have so many needs, and the strength of the draft is in its depth. If Tampa keeps the pick, I think they'd take the trade as well, since their screaming need is at CB, and they're in no-man's-land if both Milliner and Rhodes go in the Top 12 as anticipated. They can drop back, add Hayden or Trufant at 21, and pick up a late 2 for their troubles. Draft Value Chart shows 1170 points going the Jets' direction, 1150 going to the Bengals. As for why the Stripes make the move......

1(13) Tavon Austin - WR-West Virginia - The number one need on this team is a complementary threat to A.J. Green. In order to identify the proper complement, we first need to recognize what A.J. gives the rest of the offesne. He demands constant attention on his side, with bracket coverage or rolled coverage in his direction. That leaves SPACE on the other side of the field, and there's no player in this draft who attacks space like Austin. I believe he can play outside a la Steve Smith because he has elite skills in three areas that your typical slot receiver lacks: phone-booth quicks, straight-line speed, and physical toughness. He beats DB's with the quicks, they stay beat because of his speed, and he can't be pressed because of his toughness. I'm willing to spend 2 picks on him because I think he also fits our RB need. Check out his game tape against Oklahoma, and you'll see a Back who sets up his blocks, gets north-south quickly, and never gets hit squarely. This is the guy we need to turn Jay Gruden's offense into a legitimate threat.

2(37) Jonathan Cyprien - S-Florida International - I don't think I have to convince anybody of our need for a safety, and this guy really sticks out to me on film with both his ball skills and run support. Zimmer loves him some combo safeties, and Cyprien fits the bill. If he's not available, Elam or Reid also represent good value here.

3(84) Khaseem Greene - LB-Rutgers - Pass-rushing Linebackers are the ones who get drafted high. Luckily, since we just signed Harrison to join our wrecking crew up front, that's not a need. We need a guy who can cover the Tight End, and take Maualuga off the field on 3rd down (and, preferrably, on all downs) immediately. Sio Moore is a similar player who could be taken in this spot if Greene is gone.

4(118) Brian Schwenke - C/G-California - Combo interior line prospect who fits our preference for size and power over mobility. Can provide depth at all three interior spots initially, and may be able to carry the load at Center. I'm assuming Barrett Jones is gone by this point, but he'd be a fine pick if available here.

5(156) Ricky Wagner - OT-Wisconsin - I like O-Line depth. I like Wisconsin O-Linemen. I dislike Dennis Roland.

6(190) Greg Reid - CB-Florida St. - Could be this year's Burfict. Hopefully, by waiting until this point, we'll avoid the "Bengals draft another character risk" meme.

6(197) Devin Taylor - DE-South Carolina - Overshadowed by his more famous linemates, but a great athlete to get this late in the draft.

7(240) Kwame Geathers - DT-Georgia - Keep it in the family.

7(251) Jermaine Robinson - S-Toledo - ***HOMER PICK ALERT*** Tough, smart safety who can contribute on special teams.

Blast it, Harrumph it, Pick it apart, or Post your own!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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