Mock Draft at Turf Show Times Recap

You may have noticed that there was a 7 round mock extravaganza happening over the last two days and as this years Bengals GM I'm here to tell you all about it.

First off I'd like to thank my two cohorts Cincylax7 and hyprpwnmania who's invaluable help make our mock draft so successful from post setups, Big Board, Pick updates, Tireless hours of trying to trade Geathers and #58 to the picks they chose and advice and in their first live mocks as well congrats to you both hoping to have both of you here next year and thanks to the others who joined in and voiced their opinions including hash68, olderwilson and a special guest appearance by our regular GM Touhue Chu who found some time away from chasing Girls to come in Cheers Bro. .

Approaching the Draft we went in with the plan to stick to a BPA policy foregoing picks for need and replacing player picks. My plan from the last 3 round mock that occurred a month or so earlier with basically same participants called for a need of another late 3rd or early 4th so we could get that S. We tried to get that pick using player trades Geathers, #58 and Tate with no takers even Tebow got traded so it left us with the reality of having to trade up with picks during the draft.

Onto the picks

At #21 Bjoern Werner DE Florida State - Easily BPA Vaccarro off the board no S worth this pick. Other picks considered here Arthur Brown, Nuke Hopkins, Jonathan Cyprien.

At #37 Keenan Allen WR Cal - two more S gone WR became BPA I wanted Hopkins but was outvoted for Allen still a great pick always been a fan of Allens him and Marvin Jones back together. Other picks considered here Robert Woods, Terron Armstead.

At #53 Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers - After looking at our options here LB was BPA as we thought T could be had later on and no S was worth this pick that was left on our board. Other picks considered here Sio Moore, Terron Armstead, David Amerson.

At #84 Giovani Bernard RB North Carolina - Again BPA by a long way more S off the board none represented any real value here. We did try to trade up to get that S Bacarri Rambo being our target but the move was too expensive we were willing to trade #156 but all picks that would of netted us him wanted our 4th. Other picks considered here Jonathan Franklin.

End of day one we discussed the possibility of a move up to secure one of the remaining S our targets were Shawn Williams Georgia or JJ Wilcox GSU armed with our #118 and #197 picks.

Before picks started I pursued the trade possibilities starting high with NE at #102 who refused wanting #156 no way was I giving up our 5th we needed a T later on they wanted to trade too late I received and acceptance from the Bucs at 107 thinking we were still in with a shot at S with this pick but at #104 the Browns picked Williams we were sunk so we went to trusty old BPA. Note player trades were stopped before we could use Geathers and co. So the Bucs accepted the offer of #107 for our #118 and #197 and

At #107 Andre Ellington RB Clemson - yep. Jonathan Franklin picked earlier in 4th and no S or T at all worth having here we now had our two versatile RB. Other picks considered here none - note Brennan Williams T gone in 3rd.

At #156 Ricky Wagner RT Wisconsin - Our target was Reid Fragel because of his potential to become a LT and his TE abilities would make Roland redundant : ) He was picked a few picks before us so we went with our next BPA Other picks considered here none.

At #190 Earl Wolff SS NCState - We needed S here he is value pick here and we weren't getting another chance at one. Other picks considered here Ace Sanders, Denard Robinson who both would be considered at our #197 pick if not traded.

I decided that my cohorts could pick the two comps. Plenty of players left and they had some favourites they wanted, I also left them to post the picks in draft thread leaving me with the UDFA picks to sort.

At #240 Jasper Collins WR Mount Union - This pick was selected by Cincylax7 the player he wanted most that was left. I've never seen him play but he assures me he can return Kicks I was sold bye bye Tate.

At #251 Eric Herman OG Ohio - This pick was selected by hyprpwnmania some OL depth here great pickup I have seen him play at RG would play either side very happy with this player in stripes.

UDFA - rules 5 players post after draft caller posts his. Our Rules We each pick one player, a player from Georgia and a need pick.

Alex Carder-QB/Western Michigan - We need another QB for camp and PS.
Melvin White-S/CB/Louisiana Lafayette - My Pick picking a S down so low we need another S he's a hybrid who may stick I like what I saw of him last year.
Zach Boren-FB/Ohio State - Cincylax7s' pick I think he likes tOSU as Jake Stoneburner was his preferred pick we just missed on him.
Abry Jones-DT/Georgia - our player from Georgia didn't get one in the draft so we do now nice depth as we only have four DT PS candidate in case of injury.
Josh Johnson-CB/Purdue - hyprpwnmanias' pick his best player left on his board and he likes CB.

I look forward to being involved next year and seeing the Bengals outdo this draft in a few days time WHO DEY!

Here's the link to the last round with recaps down near bottom of page will be hyprpwnmanias recap check out the comments and for a laugh our old friend Mr Malor you know Flacco is Elite has his pick 2 thirds of the way down check out what he does : ) If you read this Malor it's a joke

Please comment ask any questions

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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