Final mock, (projected trade) with full player analysis and key UDFA targets...

My best guess. So many names I wanted to slot in this draft. I really used the process to learn more names to make the draft more exciting. I think most of these players are slotted about right and provide the bengals value and depth for years to come.

Round 1 bengals trade the 21st selection of the draft to the Eagles. Eagles select QB EJ Manuel. Bengals acquire Eagles second round pick which is the 3rd of the second round and 35th overall and Eagles third round selection which is the 5th of the round and 60th overall (value is Bengals 800, Eagles 795).

Austin, Vacarro, Fulker, Jones, Patterson all off the board. Do we take a guy who's value doesn't match the pick or do we move out?. Well, i think Chip Kelly really want to start his career with a QB who fits his system and doesn't want to use #4 for Geno. We can help him with that and pick up a starter in the third. This will make this draft real deep for the bengals and the eagles get the 2 guys Kelly really wants in Jordan and Manuel.

2a (from eagles) Eric Ried, FS - has the range Zim drools over. Overplays at times, but will change our d completely. If he is gone, Cyprien is the pick. If they both go, we look to Wilcox, Thomas or Swearinger in the 3rd where our additional pick provides us all the flexibility we need.

ANALYSIS Strengths: Possesses the prototypical frame for the position, boasting wide shoulders, long arms and a tapered frame. Reid is a fantastic downhill athlete with quick read-and-react ability to attack the play with steam spurting from his ears. He might be the explosive hitter from the safety position in the 2013 draft, closing with the speed and physicality of a linebacker rather than a defensive back.

Possesses the size and athleticism combination teams are desperate to find to counter the hybrid receiver/tight ends taking over the seams. Doesn't possess top flexibility but accelerates surprisingly well for his length and has good straight-line speed, overall. Physical with receivers downfield and plays 50-50 balls well, using his size and strength to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Reid's biggest strength is also his greatest weakness. He plays with nonstop aggressiveness and intensity, but he doesn't always control that hostility in a smart way on the football field. He throws his body around and might be the most violent striker in the SEC, but if Reid doesn't learn how to play smarter and harness his fierce playing style then he'll have a tough time making a living in the NFL.

He is a bit stiff in coverage and can be beaten by quicker slot receivers. Has been protected by some awfully talented cornerbacks throughout his career and wasn't the playmaker in 2012 he had been the past two seasons with Claiborne and Mathieu no longer on the roster.

Compares To: LaRon Landry, FS, New York Jets -- Reid signed with LSU patterning his game after the former Tigers' standout and it shows in his physique and bone-jarring hits. Of concern to scouts is the fact that Reid, like Landry, is a bit stiff and not as fast on the field in deep coverage as he may test during workouts.

--Rob Rang

2b ( from raiders) Kyle Long, OT - had some troubles, but very talented. Andre who? I don't think Watson is the guy we want so I look to Long here or Armestead at 2c.

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Certainly looks the part. Possesses a naturally large frame with long arms. Impressive athlete. Light on his feet and possesses good balance and flexibility for a man of his size.

Very mobile. Often asked to block on the move in this scheme, demonstrating very good lateral agility and straight-line speed, as well as the short-area quickness to adjust and hit the moving target. Flashs some nastiness to his game. Doesn't back down from physical challenges. Has heavy hands and can stun opponents with his initial punch.

Keeps his legs driving on contact and can move defenders out of the hole. Enjoyed a solid performance in the Senior Bowl, itself, after missing a few days of practice with the flu. Clear talent and is just scratching the surface of his potential.

WEAKNESSES: Isn't the sum of his parts yet. Has rotated between left tackle and left guard over just two seasons playing on the offensive line and has been protected a bit by Oregon's quick-hitting scheme which rarely asks their offensive linemen to maintain blocks for very long.

Has a tendency to punch at his defender, rather than latch on and needs to develop better hand placement, in general. Athletic enough to adjust on the fly but lacks experience and is prone to mental errors against surprise stunts, blitzes.

Was unable to compete for the most important two days of practice at the Senior Bowl (Tuesday, Wednesday) due to a bout of the flu, missing out on a chance to impress scouts. His DUI charge while at Florida State will have to be investigated by teams.

Compares to: Jason Peters, OT, Philadelphia Eagles -- Peters was originally a defensive lineman before making the transition to tight end in college and ultimately emerging as a quality offensive tackle for the Bills (and later signing with the Eagles).

His impressive combination of size and athleticism gave him a shot at the NFL despite having no experience as an offensive lineman. Long is similarly large and athletic but has two years head start on Peters and, of course, has his famous family to help him get an opportunity in the league. A team willing to gamble on his significant upside could win big.

2c - Barrett Jones, C - he and Long will improve this line. Love his versatility, but want him locked in at C ( Robinson can play C or G and can be our flex guy) This is where the trade impacts us. We didn't have to reach for rb in the second and will provide our eventual draftee an improved line to run behind. If we miss on Jones, there is a lot of value in the 3rd and 4th between Schwenke, Longergan, Fredrick and Holmes.

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Jones is typically characterized as a try-hard player who gets by with excellent fundamentals, and it is true that he uses his hands and feet very well to consistently defeat his opponent. However, while he isn't likely to cause anyone to compare his raw athleticism to former first round offensive tackles Tyron Smith (Dallas Cowboys, No. 9, 2011) or Joe Staley (San Francisco 49ers, No. 28, 2007), Jones is smooth and efficient when easing back at the snap in pass protection or getting to the second level. He latches on and keeps his feet moving on contact, rarely allowing his opponent to make the play even if he's relatively close to the ballcarrier.

WEAKNESSES: Doesn't blow defenders off the ball with pure strength. Not a flashy athlete and may struggle to excel at the NFL level.

COMPARES TO: Bruce Matthews, OL, ex-Oilers/Titan -- Alabama coach Nick Saban has publicly compared Jones to the Hall of Famer Matthews, who saw action at all five positions during his 19 years with the Houston Oilers (and Tennessee Titans), and whom Saban saw up close when coaching defensive backs in Houston from 1988-1989.

--Rob Rang

3a (from eagles) Andre Ellington, RB - flying under the radar for the bengals. I smell smoakscreen on Gio. We had just enough looks at Andre to know were interested but not to tip our hand. Catches well and blocks well. Perfect fit. And we need an Andre we like to restore the name. Other options are La'Veon Bell, Ball or Michael as I think Franklin is gone by here.

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Elite balance to keep his feet after contact and make "wow" runs even when it appears he's contained. Very good fluidity and start/stop ability with smooth lateral cuts and excellent initial burst. Good footwork and wiggle to shake defenders and slither through tight spaces to make something out of nothing.

Slippery and elusive with swivel hips, making him tough to tackle. Nice job finding the cut-back lane or bursting outside before accelerating and turning on the speed. Runs tough and won't avoid contact, lowering his pads and getting every yard he can. Tougher than he looks with good forward lean.

Works well weaving through traffic with very good vision and patience to pick through the defense. Displayed better confidence as a senior, playing faster and making more decisive movements. Good production the past two seasons, surpassing the 1,000-yard rushing mark both years.

WEAKNESSES: Lean framed with only average build, lacking traditional size or a muscular frame. Lacks power to push the pile or routinely break tackles with his strength.

Needs to improve his patience to allow blocks to develop, often out-running his blocks and running up the backs of his linemen. Tad indecisive at the line of scrimmage, but doesn't dance as much from previous years. Accelerates quickly but needs to stay under control in his cuts. Shared the backfield duties most of his career and had only four games with 20-plus carries in 2012.

Dealt with a nagging hamstring injury much of his senior season, something worth monitoring. Tough in pass protection but needs technique work and lacks the base strength to anchor. Might not fit in every offense and looks best suited for a zone-blocking scheme.

3b Alvin Bailey, OG - and it just gets better. A little bit of a project, but he doesn't need to be a plug and play. Great value here. If you wanted to go DE, Brandon Jenkins. Or any of the for mentioned safeties would fit here too if we don't get our guy in round 1.

ANALYSIS A naturally massive man, Bailey shows impressive quickness off the snap and can knock defenders off the ball in the running game. He's athletic enough to handle blocking on the move - a requirement in an Arkansas scheme that often requires the guards to pull and block at the second level.

While quick enough to get out in space, Bailey struggles to re-direct if the defenders sees him coming and often is forced to lunge at his opponent, resulting in some impressive knock-down blocks but also an occasional miss. The talent and poise of skill position players around him has helped Bailey in pass protection as he has a tendency to stop moving his feet and attempt to control his opponent with just his size and strength.

For a big man, however, Bailey shows the ability to block low enough to anchor. He still needs to refine his game but could earn top 100 consideration in either the 2013 or 2014 draft should he continue to develop.

--Rob Rang

4 Nico Johnson, ILB - wont take long to make an impact somewhere along the middle. Love the Bart Scott comparisons. We could completely pass on a LB and I would be fine with it. I just really like Nico here as great value. Other options would all fit fine too, Mathieu (I pick up return guys later), Fragle (a fan fav, but I think he has risen too high to match his value), Leon McFadden if he falls or even a nice WR in Da'Rick Rogers. If we didn't get Long, my pick would be Brennan Williams.

ANALYSIS Strengths

Physically imposing defender with good overall musculature and weight distribution. Has a thick lower body which aids in his anchoring against blockers. Seems to enjoy the physical nature of the game, aggressively taking on and shedding blockers at the point of attack. Appears most comfortable inside, showing the ability to make subtle side-steps to slip into gaps and meet backs at the line. Forceful hitter whose core strength is obvious as he grabs, twists and pulls ball-carriers to the ground. Gives a strong jolt to potential pass-catchers to knock them off of their routes and shows some initial flexibility and quickness to run with them. Hasn't missed a game over his career due to injury.


Isn't the intimidating striker that his physicality might lead you to believe. Doesn't often leave his feet and explode through his hips as a hitter to knock ball-carriers to the ground. Instead, he latches on and 'rassles them in a manner that may not appear as aesthetically pleasing but gets the job done, nonetheless... Doesn't play as fast as might appear in workouts. Limited awareness as a pass defender. Does not possess ideal speed or fluidity to handle coverage responsibilities for long... Relies on watching the quarterback's eyes to gain an edge. Wasn't asked to rush the passer often while at Alabama and shows limited technique in this role. Relies mostly on a simple bull-rush, which is marginally effective.

Compares To: Bart Scott, ILB, New York Jets

Rob Rang

5 Kerwynn Williams, RB/KR - speedy and elusive. Gimic RB and game changer in the return game. This is a " take it 80" kind of guy and would be a nice toy for gruden to play with. This is a luxury pick with safety addressed, the line shored up and depth at lb, we can afford the reach for a game changer who only plays 10 plays a game. Kenyon Barner could be a safer choice, but I'm going high potential, high risk here.

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Possesses a short, compact frame. Takes quick, choppy steps which give him great lateral agility and burst. Savvy runner who varies his gait, lulling defenders with one speed before showing a quick burst to break into the open field. Very good vision to recognize cut back lanes and make use of downfield blockers.

Possesses excellent ball skills. Secures passes quickly with his hands, showing the ability to easily adjust his body to make tough catches and still maintain forward momentum. Used on a variety of routes out of the backfield for USU, as well as lined up out of the slot and even outside.

Experienced kick and punt returner with the secure hands and elusiveness to maintain this role in the NFL.

WEAKNESSES: Obvious size limitations. Only logged one season (2012) with more than 81 carries so durability has to be a concern despite the fact that Williams never missed a collegiate game due to injury.

Too often goes down to first contact, showing little power to bounce off tackles. Relies on his ability to make defenders miss.

Willing and cognizant blocker, but size limitations are especially evident in pass protection where he offers little more than a speed bump to oncoming defenders.

Has excellent agility and acceleration but does not appear to have legitimate breakaway speed to pull away in the open field. Despite his gaudy return totals has only one kick return for a touchdown over his career (92 yards at Nevada, 2011) despite breaking into the open on multiple occasions.

COMPARES TO: LaRod Stephens-Howling, Cardinals -- Like Stephens-Howling, Williams will have an uphill battle to make an NFL roster but his versatility and big-play potential could make him too valuable to not find a niche.

--Rob Rang

6a David bass, DE - development an DE.

ANALYSIS Strengths: Good first step quickness and natural burst off the snap. Plays with springs in his legs with good vertical and lateral movements. Active hands to defeat blocks with good awareness to find the ballcarrier. Plays assignment-sound football and has developed his instincts. Motivated individual with an excellent competitive drive. Positive locker room presence with strong character on and off the field. Excellent career production with 39.5 sacks and 56 tackles for loss as a four-year starter.

Weaknesses: Room to refine his pass rush moves and hand technique to defeat blockers and shed. Allows his pads to rise off the snap and needs to show more consistent leverage. Some concerns about whether or not he is a hand on the ground end or stand up linebacker. All of his experience and production has come against Division-II level talent so level of competition is a question mark.

6b Adrian Bushall, CB - depth at CB and future starter after newton and jones move on.

ANALYSIS Strengths: Natural footwork and looks fluid in space with smooth hip action to quickly redirect his momentum. Good speed to stick with receivers up and down the field, staying in their hip pocket. Heady player and good feel in coverage. Good route anticipation and recognition, displaying good eye use to bait-and-drive on throws. Nice job avoiding blocks and throwing his body around in run support. Fast, aggressive blitzer and physical striker. Good vertical ability and gets his hands up to knock down passes. Good experience on special teams coverage and as a return man, averaging 23.4 yards on kickoffs with one returned for a score.

Weaknesses: Average size with a narrow frame and limited bulk. Needs to stay disciplined in his backpedal and doesn't always play with proper technique, tending to freelance a lot. Bites hard on fakes and doesn't always play assignment sound as his aggressiveness will get him in trouble at times. Physical, but inconsistent tackler and doesn't always finish in the open field. Limited strength and late shedding blocks. Smallish frame and has some durability concerns as a return man. Some character concerns as he was forced out of Florida's program after missing meetings and arguing with the coaching staff.

Dane Brugler

7a Jake Stoneburner, TE - No way Gresham gets 7 mill from mike Brown, so here is his future replacement. Love his WR history. Learns to block a full season on the reserves.

ANALYSIS Strengths: Stoneburner is a tall athlete with good length and catching radius. He plays with excellent body control to adjust and come down with the catch, showing very good field awareness. Stoneburner has usually strong hands and focus to snatch the ball out of the air and make some tough catches look easy. He makes plays after the catch, showing good effort and power to pick up tough yards. Stoneburner has smooth footwork in his routes and straight-line speed to make plays downfield. He displays some tenacity as a blocker and does a nice job on the perimeter. Stoneburner did a nice job finding the end zone with 13 career touchdowns, scoring once every 4.1 times he touched the ball.

Weaknesses: Stoneburner is a little stiff in the hips and plays too tight at times, needing to stay balanced in/out of his breaks. He has a lean torso and body type, lacking an elite frame for the position. Stoneburner isn't overpowering as a blocker and needs to do a better job moving his feet to mirror when left home in pass protection. He is a tad heavy-handed and, although improved, known for holding penalties. Stoneburner isn't overly aggressive in tight coverage and can be overmatched physically by linebackers, causing him to fight the ball at times and have his share of drops. His career production isn't overly impressive with 53 catches for 664 yards (12.5) in 26 career starts.

NFL Comparison: David Paulson, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers - Neither has prototypical size for tight ends and look more like rocked up wideouts, but do offer value as reliable possession targets

-- Dane Brugler

7b Cooper Taylor, SS - needed depth at the position

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Plays with excellent aggression and physicality. Decisive in his decision making and shows a good burst, arriving to the play quickly and ready to blow up the ballcarrier. Better than expected athleticism for his size, and flows to the action while breaking down on the move. Good footwork and can close quickly on plays in front of him. Has the size and range to be an enforcer against both the run and the pass, but has also impressed with his instincts and football awareness. Did an excellent job at the Shrine Game of digesting the coaches' instructions and applying them immediately, always appearing focused and zoned in on what is going on around him.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks elite top-end speed for the position. Plays too upright at times. History of injuries, in addition to the medical condition that will require extensive evaluation before NFL teams feel comfortable drafting him.

--Dane Brugler


Allen Bonner, WR - Return guy all the way. Love having 2 real return guys and saying good bye to Tate.

Bonner provided an instant impact, appearing in all 11 games for the Gamecocks. Bonner was an OVC All-Newcomer selection after leading the OVC and ranking ninth nationally in punt return average at 13.9 yards. He also hauled in 14 catches 300 yards and four touchdowns. In his sophomore year, he had 17 catches for 245 yards and five touchdowns. Bonner was second in the OVC with 25.9 yards per kickoff return and third with 10.8 yards per punt return. As a junior, Bonner played in all 11 games, and started 10 of them. He was the team's top receiver, hauling in 33 catches for 582 yards and three touchdowns, all of which were team highs. As a senior, he caught 50 passes for 859 yards and eight touchdowns.

Lawrence Okoye, have to find a way to develop this guy and see what he can become. Possibly at DE.

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Plays with excellent aggression and physicality. Decisive in his decision making and shows a good burst, arriving to the play quickly and ready to blow up the ballcarrier. Better than expected athleticism for his size, and flows to the action while breaking down on the move. Good footwork and can close quickly on plays in front of him. Has the size and range to be an enforcer against both the run and the pass, but has also impressed with his instincts and football awareness. Did an excellent job at the Shrine Game of digesting the coaches' instructions and applying them immediately, always appearing focused and zoned in on what is going on around him.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks elite top-end speed for the position. Plays too upright at times. History of injuries, in addition to the medical condition that will require extensive evaluation before NFL teams feel comfortable drafting him.

--Dane Brugler

Vernon Kearney, CB

ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Excellent size for the position, highlighted by good length and explosive athleticism. Good fluidity with his hips.

WEAKNESSES: Obviously level of competition concerns. May be a bit of a 'tweeners and teams will have to decide if Kearney is a better fit at cornerback or safety. However, he'd need to add bulk to hold up at safety.

Kearney opened eyes in a big way at the Raycom All-Star Classic. Physically and athletically, Kearney matches up with just about any CB prospect in this draft.

Edmond Kugbila, OG

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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