Predicting Round 2 (early picks)

Here are the top selections for round 2 tonight up until Cincy...

33 J’ville (Joeckel, LT) They need help all over the place. This pick could be anything. They just got their stud LT. They could use a TE, or a replacement for MJD, or anything on the defensive side. I’m guessing they’ll grab a QB to put behind that new LT, since Gabbert is horrible. Or they could trade down with somebody else grabbing a QB here. Geno Smith, QB

34 SF (Reid, FS) You don’t have many holes when you make a Super Bowl. They’ve got a young QB, solid RB’s, and a great defense. They just grabbed help in the secondary. With no ‘needs’, I can see them affording to grab a BPA type of pick on the O-Line to develop. Menelik Watson, OT

35 Philly (Johnson, LT) Philly has a QB in Foles (and Vick) who aren’t worse than anything in the draft. They’ve got a good RB, and some decent WR’s (Maclin & D Jax), and a decent TE (Celek). Their defense isn’t great, and I could see them going that direction. The college coach takes a kid who fell, but excelled in college. Damontre Moore, DE

36 Detroit (Ansah, DE) After signing Bush, they have 2 RB’s, and a stud WR, and a good young QB. They could go O-Line, or continue to address the defense. The Ansah pick shows a willingness to grab guys with athletic upside over proven records. Terron Armstead, OT

37 Cincy (T Eifert, TE) If everything falls similar to what is listed above, that leaves the Bengals with: RB - Eddie Lacy, Jonathan Franklin, Giovanni Bernard DE - Tank Carradine SS - Jonathan Cyprien LB - Arthur Brown, Kevin Minter, Manti Te’o Lacy, Tank, Cyp & Brown would probably be the 4 most likely candidates of that grouping. I think that’s a difficult call. Eddie Lacy seems to be the type of 3-down back Marvin wants, and an upgrade to BJGE with more power and elusiveness. Arthur Brown has great speed and coverage ability for an inside backer, and is a clear upgrade over Rey, and will be there when Harrison fades away. Jonathan Cyprien brings a physical presence to the secondary, like Mays was supposed to do, but unlike Mays, he can actually play the position. Last year, the Bengals wanted to take a RB, but they kept getting selected right before them. Now they can get their RB that is still there. Also, I can’t see Marvin making 2 early picks without dipping into the SEC, so I’ve got to go with Lacy. Eddie Lacy, RB

then later in the round, they grab Rambo or Swearinger?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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