Best and worst from the 1st, and where we go from here.

Well, not what we expected, eh? I'll admit that I was far from happy when I saw Tyler Eifert's name come across the bottom of my TV. Many times, a word that starts with "F" and rhymes with muck emanated from my mouth. However, within 10 minutes I calmed down and talked myself into him, and there's two reasons why I was able to.

Firstly, by all accounts, this guy was the best player available. While we don't have an incredible need for him (or at least we don't think we do), it's hard to argue with taking the best guy. I know that I don't think we need him, but maybe he's exactly what is needed. His skill set and physical tools fit exactly what I think of when I imagine a phenomenal target for Andy Dalton. We all know that Andy doesn't throw the greatest deep ball, so why not take someone who enhances the skill set that our players possess.

Currently, I see him as an additional weapon to our receiving corps. When Jermaine Gresham's contract is up, this gives us leverage in his talks. If he walks, that's that much less money we'll be paying to him, which could work out very well if we are in negotiations with another one of our big names. If we bring him back, I doubt we'd be inclined to give him big money.

Secondly, I think a lot of us, myself included, may have been wrong about our needs. I know we need a strong safety, and that's where I thought our pick would go. However, in the grand scheme of things, ask yourself which has performed better for us, the defense or offense? Additionally, the guy I thought we'd pick, John Cyprien is still on the board!

So where does the lead us in the second round? I believe that there are quite a few possibilities for both 2a and 2b.

I know a lot of CJ members want a running back. I foresee that being handled at 2b, but if they do go with a back at 2a, it will be Lacy. Any other back like Bernard, Franklin, Ball, etc. will be handled at 2b. That is unless, there isn't a run on backs. If that happens, we could take a back in the third, which would be optimal.

Aside from Lacy, I think there are three options at 2a, and honestly, I do not think Lacy is the guy. At 2a, it comes down to Cyprien, Menelik Watson, and.... Manti Te'o. If you read on here often, the reasoning behind the first two is pretty easy to figure out. If you don't, there are only two names you need to know: Taylor Mays and Andre Smith. Those are your reasons. I can feel you rolling your eyes at me on your screen concerning Te'o and his imaginary girlfriend, whom I hope is there for his big moment. All jokes aside, he may be the best player available! And don't think because we have a starting ILB that that could stop the Bengals from taking this guy. For evidence, see Eifert, Tyler, paragraphs 1-3. I know this guy has some baggage, but he was a fantastic player on a great defense for most of the year. He was second in Heisman voting, he can cover, he plays the run well, is smart (on the field), etc. Everyone points to the Alabama game as the achilles heel of his campaign. Obviously he did not have a great game. However, look at the talent that he was facing on that line vs. the talent on his d-line. Also, his fake girlfriend died before that game so there's that.

I believe that the discussion at 2a will be between Te'o and Cyprien. I don't know what they think about Watson and/or Moobs' situation, but he may factor in depending on the picks before us. If my belief comes to fruition, then I don't see how we don't go running back at 2b, as long as Bernard, Franklin, or Ball are available. If they are not, and we don't take Te'o, Arthur Brown is a possibility if he's available. If that happens, keep an eye out for Kenjon Barner later on, as well as DJ Swearinger. Past that, it's hard for me to speculate.

Now onto an unrelated tidbit that I wanted to discuss. I believe the worst valued pick in the first round was Tavon Austin. I know that a lot of you guys loved him, and he may have worked with our talent around him, but in St. Louis, they want him to be the number one guy, based on their roster and where they picked him at. I'm sorry, but a 5'8", 174 pound receiver is not, and will never be a legitimate number one receiver.

Thanks for reading and WHO DEY?!?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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