People are saying how great of a draft we are having. Kiper gave us an A minus. I am a little conflicted about this draft because I felt like this is kinda like a "project draft". We didn't get into this position by taking projects but by playing it safe. That is another topic for another post however.

What I do want to talk about is how we might NEED to trade some players. Those great 2 or 3 drafts have this roster saturated with talent. When we had our 2nd rounder last year (Devon Still) not even ride the pine but be inactive for the majority of the games - it tells you how saturated this roster is. Which makes me wonder then how many guys will actually make the 53?

Looking to final cut down day - a LOT of these guys will have to be cut. And a lot of them will be swooped up quickly by other teams. So why not trade these guys now while we still have an opportunity?

RB position:

We won't keep all these guys. There is no way unless we decide to not keep FBs. Which is a distinct possibility if we decide to go with 2 TEs. The interesting thing here is Orson Charles had played some FB himself.

(Ex: Having a 3 TE set with him as FB and then having him motion to a WR spot really has a lot of possibilities. We could have Gresham, Eifert, and Green line up on the line with Charles and Bernard in the backfield and then motion both Bernard and Charles as WRs as well. Go from a run heavy look to a pass heavy look - it would cause chaos on the defense.)

Either way, I don't see the guys at a lot of these positions making it. We aren't keeping all of Richard Quinn, Alex Smith, Chris Pressley, John Connor, Daniel Herron, Bernard Scott, Rex Burkhead all making the team. The only guys that are worthy of a trade even for a late rounder are Pressley and Scott. We let them play and practice and show they are 100% recovered from injury and then maybe we could package them up for a low round pick or player?

DL position:

Maybe we could trade Peko while he still has trade value? Or Still or Thompson. Heck, we could even trade Gilberry or Geathers. I would hate to see some of these guys be inactive on game days again. We just don't have enough room to activate all these guys. I can see Hunt being the inactive guy this year and that would be a shame to not let him get some playing time. So why not trade Geathers for a low round pick and activate Hunt? We got a great trade with Clinton McDonald for Reggie Nelson, and another one for the CB for Brian Leonard - why not try to do a trade like that again?

LB position:

DeQuin Evans, Brandon Joiner, James Harrison, Rey Maualuga, possibly Thomas Howard and Sean Porter. One of these guys can be trade bait. I don't think Evans is even eligible for Practice Squad anymore but everyone keeps raving about him. And Joiner if he pans out would be a beast. I don't see how all these guys make it especially considering the fact that we only use 2 LBs in our nickel and we use our nickel for more than 50% of our formations. A LOT of these guys will be STs only and I think we could get more value by trading them and replacing their STs contributions with other guys. Maybin won't make this squad unless the light REALLY goes off for him this offseason and he shows up in beast mode - but if it does happen other guys will have to be let go. I don't see Joiner surviving on the practice squad either - someone will sign him.


If we are to go with Boling, maybe we could trade Wharton or vice versa? Collins is in his final year and I don't see how he stays next year as a backup, he already stayed an extra 2 years but I am sure he will want to test the waters again in FA. We already drafted 2 project OTs in this draft and he probably sees the writing on the wall. As Roland might as well. Why not trade Collins now while he still has value? The same could be said about the Cook/Robinson situation.

The Bengals could be smart and package some of these guys in a deal for player(s) at other picks or just late round draft picks for the future. A lot of these guys won't be here next year. Some are valid backups (Collins) while others won't even be activated. Thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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