Official Bengals Rookie Minicamp Roster


The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy reveals the Bengals rookie minicamp roster.

There are 46 players at the Bengals' rookie minicamp, which began Friday morning at Paul Brown Stadium. The roster is made up of draft picks, undrafted free agents, eligible first-year players and unsigned rookies trying out.

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy released the roster Friday morning.


QB: Taylor Housewright (Ashland/tryout), Ryan Radcliff (Central Michigan/tryout)

RB: Giovani Bernard (North Carolina/2nd round), Rex Burkhead (Nebraska/6th round), John Clay (1st year), Nate Jones (Marian/tryout)

TE: Tylier Eifert (Notre Dame/1st round), Nick Truesdell (Grand Rapids CC/tryout), Bryce Davis (1st year player)

WR: Cobi Hamilton (Arkansas/6th round), Tyrone Goard (Eastern Kentucky/CFA), Roy Roundtree (Michigan/CFA), John Goodman (Notre Dame/tryout)

OT: Reid Fragel (Ohio State/7th round), Dan Matha (IUP/tryout)

OG: Tanner Hawkinson (Kansas/5th round), John Sullen (Auburn/CFA),

OL (listed as both OT/G): Aaron McGlynn (Kutztown/tryout), Ivory Wade (Baylor/tryout)

C: T.J. Johnson (South Carolina/7th round), Mario Benavides (Louisville/tryout)


DE: Margus Hunt (SMU/2nd round), DeQuin Evans (1st year), Taylor Wyndham (Kentucky/tryout),

DT: Larry Black (Indiana/CFA), Travis Chappelear (NW Missouri St./CFA), Terrence Stephens (Stanford/tryout)

DL (listed as both DE and DT): Darrington Sentimore (Tennessee/tryout)

LB: J.K. Schaffter (1st year), Brandon Joiner (1st year), Sean Porter (Texas A&M/4th round), Jayson DiManche (South Illinois/CFA), Bruce Taylor (Virginia Tech/CFA), Jordan Campbell (New Mexico Highlands/CFA), Dwayne Woods (Bowling Green/tryout)

CB: Onterio McCalebb (Auburn/CFA), Troy Stoudemire (Minnesota/CFA), Terrence Brown (Stanford/CFA), Cameron Cheatham (UC/tryout)

S: Shawn Williams (Georgia/3rd round), Brian Gamble (Ashland/tryout), Jesse Paulsen (Oklahoma/tryout), Alex Sewall (Indiana State/tryout)


K: Quinn Sharp (Oklahoma St./CFA), Scott Kovanda (Ball State/tryout)

Some intriguing names on the list are former Steelers running back John Clay and linebacker Dwayne Woods, another player with local roots.

The Bengals rookie minicamp will go through Sunday as the team's coaches learn a little more about their rookies and the rookies begin to soak in the team's playbook. Once rookie minicamp is over, the next time the team will meet will be for Organized Team Activities (OTAs) from May 20-23.

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